Design Everest Team

What makes us Special?

Design Everest, Inc. has been in the business of structural design for over 10 years since it was founded in 2005. Our company consists of talented and passionate employees, which include professional licensed engineers, CAD drafters, site supervision engineers, client success managers, business operations managers and office staff. Located in San Francisco, California, our office specializes in providing structural engineering design services in all of California. Over the years, we have worked with architects, contractors, engineers, private owners, and home developers for structural engineering and building design projects.

Our World Class Team

We pride ourselves in our team. Team of engineers, drafters, customer success managers, construction project managers and our business operations management teams that serve a singular purpose to help our clients achieve high quality project success for their engineering, design and structural needs.

Strong Entrepreneurial Heritage and Business Values

  • Being born in a business family, Aakash Prasad, CEO of Design Everest, has been working long-term with Gunjan Sinha, Design Everest Chairman. Gunjan is a quintessential entrepreneur and is passionate about driving change in multiple industries through technology, software and internet. Gunjan has founded successful companies, taken them public, sold them to other public companies. He has mentored number of entrepreneurs and CEOs around the globe and brings disciplined strategy and experience to Design Everest’s mission of improving lives of people through design and technology. Gunjan is also passionate about social causes and social entrepreneurship. Aakash Prasad, CEO of Design Everest, started young on his entrepreneurial journey, and grew up dreaming about how to improve physical spaces and structures, inspired by his father (who is a veteran and passionate CA licensed engineer with over 20+ years of experience. Aakash has been involved with number of venture backed companies and brings obsessive focus to structural quality, business integrity and client success. He exemplifies responsiveness and quality to enable others to follow his lead in customer service and quality. He prides in graduating from UC Berkeley in 3 years with EECS degree while he self-trained himself on the exciting concepts of building designs!

Super Passionate and Customer Focused Team

  • Bryce Word, Director of Customer Success Management, is a consummate sales and project management professional with over 8 years of comprehensive project experience as an owner’s representative and a general contractor. He is extremely well versed in the construction industry having worked on a plethora of high value domestic projects including life science, technology-oriented corporate office, high-end retail, and luxury multi-family in San Francisco and Honolulu. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and is adept at handling high pressure situations at all levels.
  • Chris McKay, Customer Success Manager, has nearly a decade of experience in the field of project management and sales spanning across several industries including music, social media, recruitment and engineering in both Unites States and Australia. Chris excels in ensuring customer satisfaction and works tirelessly to get them the highest level of service they want and deserve.
  • Joshua Krumm, Customer Success Manager, is dedicated to being a sales ninja having worked at leading organizations like Citibank and Certified Home Inspections. He builds sales bases by prospecting new clients and ports the values of discipline, hard-work and integrity he teaches the Boy Scouts of America to his role at Design Everest.
  • Jason Zwinggi, SE, Principal Structural Engineer, has always loved the field of structural engineering and has pursued this passion for over 15 years. He is well recognized for his work in California having been associated with some of the most prestigious civil engineering firms. He brings unparalleled expertise in all kinds of structures including bridges, foundations, retaining walls, custom homes along with a keen eye for contract management and value engineering.
  • Mark Ostler, Legal Counsel, is an attorney with over 37 years of experience in corporations, taxation, commercial, construction, civil litigation and employment law. He has advised a multitude of global companies in various transactions like GlobalWare Solutions, Genesis Semiconductor, Inc., The StrataFusion Group, Inc and Thetford Capital, LLC.
  • Utsav Mukherjee, In-House Law Clerk, has worked with some of the largest law firms in the world and advised multi-national companies like Bayer, Merck, Infosys, Standard Chartered and Goldman Sachs. He has over seven years’ experience across four different countries and holds a master of laws degree from Berkeley Law. He has worked intimately with companies of various stages and sizes and has advised on contract negotiations, business management and operation strategies.
  • Jing Wang-Iglesia, Manager of Recruiting, is an international recruiting specialist whose expertise lies in talent sourcing, developing and executing search strategies specific to the industry, cultural fit and technical requirements. She is an all-round people person who enjoys fitting the best talent to the best role, an imperative requirement in the engineering industry.
  • Tajni Diller, Manager of Accounting Services, is passionate about helping small business owners follow the dreams that led them to starting and running their own successful and long-lasting businesses. She and her team focusses on client bookkeeping and tax preparation and has even worked with the IRS as a volunteer.
  • Caligari Lindsay, Accounting Advisor, has hands-on knowledge of key performance metric management, automating sales activity reporting systems, developing detailed actionable financial plans and roadmaps for over thirty years. He enjoys the challenge of developing and sustaining the growth of businesses into multi-million dollar corporations.
  • Sameer Sugwekar, Marketing Advisor, is a results driven, team and individual contributor with 15 years of Strategic and Tactical Digital Marketing Experience doing End-to-End Lead Generation, Lead Nurture & Sales Empowerment. His marketing methodology is analytics driven and has been finely tuned at various Silicon Valley companies. His approach is simple: target a niche audience, create a niche pitch targeting what they are looking for, and optimize the conversions all the way to desired results.

Part of Our Family: Our Affiliates and Partners

Design Everest works closely with architects, builders, engineers, property managers to bring real success to each and every project that we take on for design and structural integrity and engineering. We have dozens of architects, engineers, project managers, builders who are always working with us in a collaborative manner to deliver true success and quality to each and every project that we undertake – keeping costs down, delivering on-time and on-quality engineering and design services. Our team works in close coordination with all of our affiliates and partners to ensure that each project has a high success rate. Having completed over 1000+ projects in our 10+ year history, we have had well over 99% success rate, and very high ratings by our clients across all types of projects.