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    We pride ourselves on our quick responses to contractors’ requests for information (RFIs), substitution requests, and submittal reviews. We schedule structural observation visits promptly to meet the code requirements.


    We have experience working on a wide variety of residential projects throughout California. Our design professionals have 10 to 35 years of experience and the technical expertise to understand your contractor’s needs.


    Our standard response time is 3-5 business days from the receipt of all information required to address the contractor’s concern. By avoiding potential construction delays or possible rework from an improper interpretation of the plans, you ultimately save money and ensure your project is constructed in time.

Who We Are

We provide Construction Administration services to ensure your construction goes according to the structural plans.

To make this process streamlined and efficient we have developed a dedicated channel wherein you can easily submit your queries by using any of the website forms on this page to get quick engineering support during the construction phase.

Construction Administration during the construction phase is essential in avoiding a rework due to a contractor’s misinterpretations of your design plan. It prevents possible construction delays and unnecessary expenses.

We provide quick responses to the following Construction Administration queries to ensure your project stays on track:


    Structural observation refers to the visual observation of the structural system to check for general conformance to the approved plans and specifications. This visual check occurs at key construction milestones and at the completion of the structural system. These observations are separate from city inspections (done by city inspectors) and any special inspections (done by engineers, certified inspectors or deputy inspectors for certain types of construction projects). A Structural Observation visit at required at least 2 business days in advance.


    Many times, the contractor requests additional information or a revision to the plan based on unexpected conditions during construction. Unexpected conditions require a quick feedback from engineers. Our quick responses ensures minimal construction delays.


    Sometimes the plans call for a certain type of connector, beam, or other material, but the contractor requests a substitute. Our team can quickly get a response from the engineer on the matter. (Please note that there is a limit of one substitution request for each item in the project.)


    We can review and approve third party shop drawings such as steel or truss drawings. Your Engineer of Record needs to review and approve these drawings for consistency with the project.

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Our Work. Trusted and Verified.
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