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Get detailed structural inspection of your residential and commercial spaces from a highly qualified and licensed Structural Engineer from Design Everest. Our focus on value engineering helps our customers cut on customer costs.

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    To start, a Design Everest consultant will schedule a discussion with you to understand your requirements completely.

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    Once we understand your needs, we schedule a site visit, by an experienced engineer, to visually inspect the structure.

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    After the inspection, we issue a comprehensive report or a letter. We can also provide you with the necessary engineering as an optional service.

Licensed and Experienced Experts in Structural Inspection.

Small or large projects, Design Everest can help you with the required structural inspections. Our licensed, experienced engineers can inspect multiple elements like foundation, framing, shear walls & load-bearing walls, and building envelope. After the inspection, we issue a comprehensive report or a letter. We can also provide you with the necessary engineering as an optional service.

In business since 2005, we have a reputation for exceptional quality, value, dependability, and integrity. Whenever you reach out to us, we’ll do our best to ensure that you get quality service at competitive prices.

Our Structural Inspection Services:

The very foundation of a structure rests on soil; this poses some challenges at times. Different soil types can settle more over time, or large settlements can happen quickly in an earthquake or storm, which in turn could result in cracks in the foundation. Poor construction practices or insufficiently designed foundations can also lead to issues. Our professional inspections can identify these issues, and also design a fix for them (as an additional service). Our engineers will perform an inspection of the foundation area for distress or deterioration before construction or purchase.

Floor Construction

Be it a home or workspace, the quality of the floor framing is a paramount criterion to be considered. Our seasoned engineers have the expertise to perform an inspection for many types of framing. We study visually observable factors like dimensions, deflections, moisture and environment conditions, among others, before issuing a comprehensive report. A capacity analysis and design to address these items can also be done as an additional service.

Home remodeling & additions

Buying a house? Our structural engineering inspection services can be useful. Our team of experts will study visually observable properties like size, materials, etc., during the evaluation. They also look for signs of settlement and cracks in finishes, before generating a detailed report.

Home remodeling & additions

Whether it is water infiltration or any other natural calamity, the roof serves as the first line of defense. Our structural inspections span the current condition of the roof structure, members, and more. This minimizes identifies potential failures and reveals the real quality and possibilities for modification.

Home remodeling & additions
Why choose Design Everest?
  • Experience & value engineering

    We are a true one-stop engineering shop with expertise in a wide range of specializations in providing residential & commercial services as listed above. Our highly experienced engineers design efficient structures, and are always looking for value engineering solutions that help customers minimize construction costs.

  • Responsiveness and quick turnaround

    Unlike other firms, we leverage technology, and make every effort to get high quality plans delivered in weeks – not months. Hey, who said construction has to be demanding?

  • Ability to take on a project

    Our proprietary data system, Design Hub, allows us to efficiently forecast and optimize our resources. This means we can take on a project of any size at any time, while maintaining quality and schedule

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