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Leading Structural Engineering services in Laguna Hills, California

A Design Everest Structural Engineer can offer a range of services that you may require for your existing building, or for your new construction project.The City of Laguna Hills provides a wide array of data about budgets, finances, operations and services online.he Building/Safety Division is responsible for: Code compliance,Complaint investigations,Continuous progress, inspections Issuance of permits, Public counter services, Reviewing building plans

For a Residential or Commercial building, you may often find yourself in need of a consultation for the following;

Or perhaps you may be looking for;

If you have Residential Property in California, you may be looking for,

  • Residential Structural Engineer in Laguna Hills, California.

If you have a commercial property, you may be looking for;

  • Structural Engineer in Laguna Hills, California for Tenant Improvement,
  • Commercial Structural Engineer for your New Commercial Building project (like for an office, a warehouse, hotel, multi-family unit, or a condo)

Whatever your consultation needs may be, our Laguna Hills, California Certified Structural Engineers are ready to help execute your vision, and fulfill your objectives to your contentment and beyond! Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we have the knowledge, skill, experience, and determination to complete your project successfully in a quick turnaround time!

How it Works
  • Design Everest
    Free Consultation

    To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs.

  • Design Everest
    Quick Turnaround

    Once we understand your needs, we deliver plans and structural engineering drawings for your project. We have quick turnaround time, with the option to track your project in real-time

  • Design Everest
    Easy Permit Process

    We will provide a set of drawings that you may submit to the city of California to obtain the required permits. Our fixed fee includes addressing all city comments (if any) on our plans until the permit is approved.

Looking for a Local Structural Engineer in California ?
Design Everest Structural Engineering team members include

Structural Engineer Inspection in Laguna Hills, California

for Residential and Commercial Building

Small or large projects, Design Everest structural engineers can help you with the required structural inspection. Our California licensed and experienced Laguna Hills, Structural Engineer Inspection team can inspect multiple elements like framing, shear walls, load bearing walls, and building envelope. Our team also comprises foundation inspection structural engineers to inspect any cracks or damage to the building foundation. After the inspection, we issue a comprehensive structural engineer inspection report or a letter. We can also provide you with the necessary engineering to strengthen your building as an optional service. Our Structural Engineers in Laguna Hills are proficient in the Building Inspection requirements.

Structural Engineer Inspection
Seismic Retrofit in Laguna Hills, California

for Residential and Commercial Building in Laguna Hills

Is your building prone to earthquakes? Our expert structural engineer retrofit team in California can do the necessary evaluations and engineering for a seismic retrofit or a soft story retrofit. A retrofit essentially entails the addition of structural enhancements that will help protect your building from the effects of earthquakes. Our Structural Engineers in Laguna Hills, California are well-versed with the Mandatory Soft Story retrofit program Requirements. With the rising risk of Earthquakes in California, it is good to be proactive in order to protect oneself.

Load Bearing Wall Removal in Laguna Hills, California

for Residential and Commercial Building

One of the most common kinds of home interior remodels and commercial tenant improvements require removing one or more load-bearing walls to create a more open space. While it is no small task to take down a load bearing wall, it provides your space with a more open layout and makes it feel bigger and freer inside.

While sometimes a load bearing wall can be identified based on its location, it often takes a certified structural engineer to determine if the wall is load bearing or not and if it is, how to safely remove it while still keeping your building structurally safe and sound in the event of an earthquake. Our Laguna Hills, California structural engineers can make the determination from either an onsite inspection or by looking at your building’s original blueprints that may be on record with your city’s building department. The accidental demolition of a load bearing wall without consulting a licensed structural engineer can cause a lot of damage to both life and property. California has codes unique to our community and may have specific requirements beyond the State Code.

Home Addition & Home Remodel in Laguna Hills, California

In time the needs of your family may grow or change, and you may now be looking to upgrade your home in Laguna Hills, California. Or perhaps you’re planning to make an investment to increase your property value. Any reason, you may be compelled to rethink how to best utilize your available space!

Depending on the nature of your intended use, a home remodel, or a home addition by increasing the number of storeys, or a house extension by spreading your living space into the available land in your property by building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) could be the right solution. Check out the ADU Law for Laguna Hills, California.Or the perfect solution could even be a combination of remodeling, addition and/or a home extension! Our experienced home addition & home remodel structural engineer in California can help you achieve your objective in the most efficient way. For more information visit and for complete overview visit

Structural Engineer for New Home in California

Looking for structural engineers in Laguna Hills for your new custom home? Our cross-functional structural engineering team of experts can guide you through the entire process – from developing the plans to getting all the permits in Laguna Hills according to Laguna Hills code and requirements and identifying a contractor in Laguna Hills to the administration of construction activity. We pride ourselves in successfully delivering hundreds of new custom home projects (including fire rebuild) to our customers in Laguna Hills, California.

Structural Engineer for Tenant Improvement and Change Of Use permit

for Commercial Building in Laguna Hills, California

When you need a plan for remodeling or an addition to a commercial establishment to maximize your business’s opportunities for growth, Design Everest’s experienced San Francisco commercial structural engineers and designers can help you find the most cost effective solution. Our structural engineer tenant improvement team has rich experience in different types of tenant improvement projects for retail stores, office spaces, warehouses, and getting the change of use permit in California. We offer services to suit any business, from a large company to a small retailer. Our Tenant Improvement services range from office partitions to the installation of walls and other items that may be required to customize your space. For more information visit

Structural Engineer for New Commercial Building in Laguna Hills, California

What would drive your ground-up commercial project to success? Whether you’re planning a new office building, hotel, healthcare facilities, retail space, or any other commercial facility like a multifamily unit or a condo, high-quality structural engineering & design is most vital. At Design Everest, our team of structural engineers uses a collaborative approach to shape your vision. We work closely with you, the architect, the contractor, and your city’s building department to prepare a design that’s San Francisco code-compliant, sustainable, and planned around your business.

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Why Design Everest?

Design Everest's list of projects, services, and clients highlight the breadth of 14+ years of experience on projects of all sizes. Our structural engineers Laguna Hills are committed to providing solutions that fulfill the aspirations of our clients. Clients repeatedly come back to us for our high quality structural engineering design services renowned for analytical creativity and cost-effective solutions.

  • Highly experienced &
    value engineering

    We are a true one-stop engineering solution in Laguna Hills, California with expertise in a wide range of specializations in providing Commercial and Residential Structural Engineering Services as listed above. Our experienced Structural Engineers design efficient buildings and are always looking for value engineering solutions so that customers pay less in construction, materials costs, etc.

  • Responsiveness and
    quick turnaround

    Unlike most firms, we leverage technology, and make every effort to get high-quality plans delivered in weeks -- not months. Hey, who said construction has to be painful?

  • Ability to take
    on a project anytime

    Our proprietary data system ‘The Design Hub’ allows us to efficiently forecast and optimize our resources. This means our structural engineers in California can take on a project of any size at any time while maintaining quality and schedule.

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