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Smart Spaces. Made Easy

We make smart spaces easy. Smart-lighting, wireless audio, security, thermostats and more: delivered and installed by a smart-tech expert. Realize the convenience and efficiency of smart tech in your home or office, often at little or no net cost, by leveraging our cost-saving partnerships, and lowering recurring expenses with increased safety and energy-efficiency.

We upgrade any space with secure, fun and convenient ‘smart’ technologies. We take the hassle out of your project, with a full “end to end”, white-glove service. From choosing the right combination of products, to expertly installing them, synchronizing and customizing to your space and lifestyle. Our experts handle the details for you. You won’t need to lift a finger - or read a user manual - to enjoy the benefits of smart tech in your home, business, or rental property.

What is a ‘smart’ device?

‘Smart’ products are upgraded versions of familiar products used in your home - like light bulbs, doorbells, speakers - that have the ability to receive commands from an app on a phone, or by voice. Smart devices can operate on a schedule, respond to environmental triggers (like motion), and coordinate with other smart devices for a truly “modern” home. Used to their potential, these genius products can help you create a home environment that is perfectly tuned to your lifestyle and schedule.

With ‘smart’ devices, you can:

  • Control lights with your voice while lying in bed
  • Check your live security cameras’ feeds on your phone from anywhere
  • Create schedules that synchronize your devices to your daily routine
  • Make your home appear occupied when away
  • Receive notifications when there’s activity (i.e. doorbell)
  • Play music throughout your home, or only in certain rooms (zones)
  • Create ‘scenes’ such as ‘Movie Time,’ ‘Meditation Time,’ or ‘Wind Down’ for common activities
  • Set location-based triggers for when you come home or leave (i.e. lights and heat can turn on or off)
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In addition to their fun and convenient features, most ‘smart’ products are also designed to save you money over the long run. For example, most ‘smart’ lights use long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs that can lower your electricity bill, and ‘smart’ thermostats learn your schedule or use your location to avoid heating or cooling your home when you are away.

Our Process

Our promise is your satisfaction and confidence from start to finish. Our on-site consultation is free of charge. During our assessment, we will identify upgrades for your space / project (any size) and create a game-plan together, leaving the entire household / team confident and excited. We execute the installation and set-up, then teach you how to use your new technology!

  • We meet you at your location and get to know your lifestyle, your schedule, and what various rooms are used for. This information allows us to understand which products would be useful and conceptualize custom scenes and schedules tailored to you.

  • We then present our vision for your home. Together, we decide on the perfect “package.”

  • From there, we’ll take care of everything else - we purchase and install all devices, configure the ‘scenes’, schedules and automations, making the home controllable on every device you choose (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

  • After installation, we spend time with members of the household of your choosing to make sure everyone is familiar with your new home automation. This is the most important part of the process for us, because we firmly believe our job isn’t done until you are confident and excited with your technology.

To fulfill our promise of satisfaction and confidence, we offer flexible ongoing support agreements tailored to your needs.

Who is this for?

Whether you want to inject a healthy dose of convenience into your daily routine, upgrade your rental unit to help your property stand apart from the crowd, take your entertainment area to the next level, or have a home project that needs attention, we can help you from start to finish over the long term.

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in the following applications of smart home technology

Entertainment and Audio

  • Whole-home wireless audio
  • Personal digital assistant in your kitchen, ready to set timers, make calls, play podcasts while you cook, just to name a few
  • Colorful, adaptable lighting murals for entertainment and gaming spaces that dance and respond to music live
  • Configuration of surround-sound for your entertainment space
  • “Cut the Cable” with hassle-free set up of a TV streaming platform that works best for you
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Indoor Lighting

  • Upgrade existing bulbs, recessed lights, and light fixtures throughout your home or in certain rooms
  • Add versatility to any space with lights that adapt to your needs
  • Lighting scenes for specific activities (Movies, Meditation, Sunrise / Sunset)
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Home Security

  • Video Surveillance / Security (i.e. doorbell cameras) for motion or activity
  • Lighting schedules giving the appearance someone’s home
  • Smart locks allow you to choose who has access to your home without a key
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Comfortable Home

  • Thermostats
  • Powered window shades
  • Air purification
  • Mood lighting
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