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Design Everest has rich experience in California building energy efficiency standards. Our energy compliance team provides Title 24 and CAL Green calculations and the required documentations for obtaining building permits for your Residential or Commercial building.


We work as a cohesive team with dedicated professionals handling your project to ensure its successful completion. Our quality engineering & design helps you save time and money during the permit phase due to fewer plan check comments/revisions required by the city.

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Design Everest is a One-stop solution for all your commercial or residential Title 24 & CAL Green energy analysis and compliance needs. Our California Energy Code experts provide these services for a range of building types like a new custom home, condo, new ground-up commercial buildings like corporate offices, hotels, or a mixed-use building, addition or remodel of your home, and other commercial Tenant Improvements.

How it Works
  • Design Everest
    Schedule Consultation

    To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs.

  • Design Everest
    Quick Turnaround

    Once we understand your needs, we deliver plans and drawings for your project. We have quick turnaround time, with the option to track your project in real time.

  • Design Everest
    Easy Permit Process

    We will provide a set of documents that you may submit to the city to obtain the required permits. Our fixed fee includes addressing all city comments (if any), that are part of our scope, on our plans until the permit is approved.

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What are Title 24 & CAL Green anyway?

Title 24 is a series of requirements published within the California Energy Code that details the minimum efficiency standards for all new buildings in California. This is also relevant for existing residential or commercial buildings undergoing an addition or remodel.

CALGreen’s base level aim attempts to reduce the environmental impact of construction through site slope preservation, drainage mitigation, and careful planning to mitigate any negative effects on neighboring areas. Compliance is two-tiered: To achieve CALGreen Tier 1, buildings must comply with the latest edition of “Savings By Design, Healthcare Modeling Procedures.” A second tier provides a higher degree of sustainability by requiring buildings to exceed the most current edition of “Savings by Design Modeling Procedures” by a measure of 15% of higher, according to the International Code Council.

Design Everest provides end-to-end pre-construction services to ensure complete compliance with the California Energy Code.

Why choose Design Everest?

Design Everest is a one-stop solution for all your building permit requirements as we not only deliver exceptional Energy Compliance Services (Title 24 & CAL Green), but also have great experience in producing quality Architecture , Civil and Structural permit sets, along with MEP design plans. We know what it takes to deliver quality plans which bear inputs from multiple disciplines.

In this regard, you can choose to opt for our Title 24 & CAL Green services as a la carte, or take advantage of a package deal which includes a fixed fee for any combination of the other building permit set services we provide.

Our list of projects, services, and clients highlight the breadth of 14+ years of experience on projects of all sizes.

  • Highly experienced
    & value engineering

    We are a true one-stop architecture & engineering shop with expertise in a wide range of specializations in Cal Green and Title 24 Services as listed above. Our experienced engineers design efficient structures and are always looking for value engineering solutions to help customers save on cost & time.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Once we have an understanding of your needs and you have an understanding of the process, we start working on your project right away. Our goal is to work as one cohesive team.

  • Ability to take on a project anytime

    Our proprietary data system ‘The Design Hub’ allows us to efficiently forecast and optimize our resources. This means our architectural designers and engineers in California can take on a project of any size at any time while maintaining quality and schedule.

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Our Work. Trusted and Verified.
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