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Team deserve(s) five stars. Their quote was very competitive and they completed their work very fast while meeting all the city requirements. Very happy with the first phase!

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We have years of experience in tenant improvements and all over California. To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs.

2-3 Week Turnaround

Once we understand your needs we deliver your tenant imrpovement plans. Our average turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks with the ability for you to track your project in real time.

Easy Permit Process

We take you all the way to the permit phase and permit approval. Next, we connect you with reputable contractors in your area so you can get started on your project right away.

California Architecture and Engineering Services for Tenant Improvement

Whether you plan to rent a commercial space, or want to customise your facility to better suit your business operation needs, we are here to help. We provide you with commercial blueprints and engineering calculations to get you your building permits so you can complete your construction on time and on budget.

If you are an owner, we can connect you with our trusted Architects and Contractors, and collaborate with them to help upgrade your commercial space to your satisfaction, so that your space can be made operation-ready in a quick turnaround time.

Tenant Improvement Services

At Design Everest we specialize in providing high quality Tenant Improvement engineering services at competitive pricing. Our licensed team of engineers and draftsmen have rich experience in different types of tenant improvement projects for retail stores, office spaces, warehouses and public buildings. We offer services to suit any business, from a large company to a small retailer. Our Tenant Improvement services range from office partitions, installation of walls, floor coverings and other items which are required to customize your space.

Cost Effective Tenant Solutions

We work closely with you to provide a cost effective structural solution that satisfies every requirement, whether you want to remove walls to create an open floor office layout or add space to an existing building or improve the facade of your new store or restaurant. We provide blueprints so construction can get started.

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