Structural Engineering

All successful projects start with a firm foundation. Make sure your home improvement project is on solid footing by partnering with us at Design Everest. From major renovations and new custom builds to minor jobs like deck or patio additions, our skilled team of structural engineers guarantees your property is safe and sound.

Design Everest licensed structural engineers are the math and science experts behind load calculations to ensure your structure is rock-solid. Using the latest software, we also provide 2D of our design solutions to not only allow you to better picture your dream concepts, but to also help you secure your permit and help the contractor build your project to the proper safety code.

Whether your project is big or small, our team is standing by to safeguard your home’s future.

Structural Engineers help with:

  • New custom homes and additions
  • Major and minor renovations
  • Load bearing wall removal
  • Foundation and roof load calculations
  • Solar panel and wind turbine mount requirements
  • Deck and patio installation requirements
  • Structural damage inspection
  • Residential home inspections

Because Your Foundation is Fundamental.

At Design Everest, we start at the very bottom and work our way up. It’s a gusto for stability that drives our structural engineers to provide the utmost dependability starting with your home’s foundation.

Structural Plans & Permit Sets

Remodeling can be the best choice for upgrading your home to match your current lifestyle. Maybe a house extension, additional story or ADU will give you and your family some much-needed elbow room. Or maybe it’s time for that dream kitchen to come to life. Either way, getting spot-on structural plans and permits can be a tricky and slow process without the right knowledge.

Not only do Design Everest structural engineers know your city’s permitting process like the back of our hands, but we help you craft creative, practical and lasting solutions for a stunning home.

Structural Evaluation

Concerned about cracks, sloping or settlement of an existing home or recent purchase? A structural inspection evaluates a home’s structural soundness from the ground up. No stone goes unturned as our licensed experts take a hard look at foundations, framing, shear walls, load bearing walls and more to uncover potential trouble spots and provide solutions.

In addition, Design Everest pros issue a comprehensive structural engineer inspection report so you fully understand any challenges and gain next steps for a bright outcome.

Structural Calculations

Whether you’re building new or renovating, your project needs structural calculations to make sure your dream home stays standing. Everything from digging the foundation and building materials to reinforcements and final costs are carefully scrutinized. Plus, our structural engineers provide a detailed analysis of affected joints, walls, beams and roof load.

With Design Everest, you can relax knowing your home is in the right hands.


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