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  • Design Everest

    To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs.

  • Design Everest
    Quick Turnaround

    Once we understand your needs, we deliver plans and drawings for your project. We have a Quick turnaround, with the option to track your project in real time.

  • Design Everest
    Easy Permit Process

    We will provide a set of drawings that you may submit to the city to obtain the required permits. Our fixed fee includes addressing all city comments (if any) on our plans until the permit is approved. Next, we can connect you with reputable contractors in your area, so you can get started with your project right away.

Structural Engineering Services in California

As the years go by, the needs of your family may grow and change, and you might be looking into finally upgrading your home. Or perhaps you’re planning to make an investment by increasing your property value. Or you want to start developing a commercial building. Or you want to Remodel your office space. Or You are planning to develop your Commercial space. Whatever your needs, our remodeling experts are ready to work with you to understand your vision. From craftsman house remodels to old homes in need of affordable remodeling, our team has the skills you need to see your dream become a reality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our home remodeling engineers oversee every step of your project. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to transform any aspect of your home exactly to your specifications.

  • New custom homes
    New custom homes

    Thinking of building your dream home from scratch? Our cross-functional team of experts can guide you through the entire process – from developing the plans to getting all the permits and identifying local contractors to the administration of construction activity.

  • Remodeling & additions
    Remodeling & additions

    Whether you are remodeling your entire home or transforming a single room, our engineering and design staff members possess the skill and experience to oversee every aspect of the project. What’s more, our custom-built house add-ons can maximize your space while fitting in seamlessly.

  • Civil engineering projects
    Civil engineering projects

    All civil engineers design, construct and maintain structures. Our team of highly-experienced and California-licensed engineers will go the extra mile to delight you with their integrity and professionalism. Be it for residences or commercial structures, we can do everything from start to finish – planning, site grading, cutting, erosion control, hydrology studies, stormwater management, and drainage & septic tank design.

  • Load bearing wall removal
    Load bearing wall removal

    Need more breathing space in your house or commercial building? Our licensed engineers are experienced to help you identify the right load bearing wall, do meticulous calculations for building approval and remove the wall safely while keeping the building structurally sound.

  • Seismic retrofit
    Seismic retrofit

    Is your building prone to earthquakes? Our expert team can do the necessary evaluations for a seismic retrofit, which is the addition of structural enhancements that will help protect a building from the effects of earthquakes.

  • Construction Administration
    Structural engineering projects

    Be it for the construction of a new building or new home or renovation of an existing one, our licensed engineers can help. Our team will start with the evaluation and plan, and get the necessary permits for you to proceed with the construction. What’s more, you can rest assured that the project delivery will be on schedule and within your budget.

  • Ground-Up Commercial
    Ground-Up Commercial

    What would drive your ground-up commercial project to success? Whether you’re planning a new office building, hotel, healthcare facilities, retail space, or any other commercial facility, quality design is the vital first step. At Design Everest, we use a collaborative approach to shape your vision. We work closely with you, the architect, the contractor, and your city’s building department to prepare a design that’s code-compliant, sustainable, and planned around your business.

  • Construction Administration
    Multifamily & Condominium

    Constructing a new building or expanding your apartment complex? We at Design Everest, offer services for the construction of multi-family structures and condominiums.

    Our team of licensed professionals includes:
    • Structural engineer
    • Structural building engineer
    • Structural design engineer
    • Residential designer
    • Commercial designer
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Why choose Design Everest?
  • Highly experienced & value engineering

    We are a true one-stop engineering shop with expertise in a wide range of specializations in providing Residential and Commercial Structural Engineering Services as listed above. Our experienced engineers design efficient structures and are always looking for value engineering solutions so that customers pay less in construction, materials costs, etc.

  • Responsiveness and quick turnaround

    Unlike other firms, we leverage technology, and make every effort to get high-quality plans delivered in weeks -- not months. Hey, who said construction has to be painful?

  • Ability to take on a project

    Our proprietary data system ‘Design Hub’ allows us to efficiently forecast and optimize our resources. This means we can take on a project of any size at any time while maintaining quality and schedule.

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