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Residential Housing Projects

Design Everest is a one stop shop for all your home design and engineering needs. Whether you need to add on to your existing house, or remodel the interior to open up space, or even want to build your dream custom house from scratch, our experienced team can help you step by step right from the start to finish. Our diverse team consists numerous specialists who can help you with everything from design and engineering to general contractor selection. Depending on your needs, you may require some or all of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) services we offer. We have a very high permit approval rate in all cities across California.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Plans and Drawings by Design Everest Licensed Architect

We will be happy to provide you with a quick free consultation to help you understand the services you would be requiring in order to complete your project. Reach us at: (888) 311-3015

Design Everest Services To help you in every step from start to finish

For homeowners and commercial property owners alike, the entire process of getting a remodel or new construction can often get overwhelming! Why worry though when you have Design Everest to help you at every step along the way, from start to finish!


As-built: If the As-built plan of your current building is not available with you, you may need to get it done through a site visit by an Architect. This is to understand the current site conditions and to provide you realistic ideas by evaluating your needs and city/county requirements for the Addition or Remodel to be done in your house.

Drafting and Architectural plans: Whether your objective is for a New Custom Home, Addition, Remodel, or anything else which requires a structural rearrangement, you will need Architectural plans in the form of a proper Architectural Permit Set. This is required before the start of the engineering activities.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering

We have vast experience in delivering Civil Engineering services for residential projects. These services are required to prepare the land before a structure can be built over it.

We offer the following civil engineering services

  • Site Grading Plans and Earthwork Estimates

    We offer site grading and civil earthworks engineering services to ensure your site meets the applicable management practice criteria for storm drainage.

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  • Drainage and Sewer Plans

    We optimize drainage system and ensure compliance to the applicable codes and standards. We also design and provide plans for sanitary sewer system and underground stormwater sewer systems.

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  • Erosion Control

    Site specific techniques are adopted to impart soil stability in delicate areas caused due to slope failure, grading operations or for stabilizing a water body bank.

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  • Hydrology studies

    We offer surface water hydrology studies, including but not limited to catchment analysis, rainfall analysis, runoff assessment, water course analysis and drainage impact assessment.

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  • Stormwater Design (with LID)

    We deliver efficient stormwater management plans for residential and commercial lands. Low-impact development (LID) is an approach to land development (or redevelopment) that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible.

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  • Subdivision Plans

    Residential spaces with larger plots may require to be subdivided into smaller plots that are easier to sell or develop. We provide subdivision plan services in California at a competitive pricing, and ensure it’s timely delivery.

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  • Stockpile Plans

    We can provide plans and details of the earthwork activities (excavation, filling and spreading) as required during construction to make sure it is properly utilized.

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Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering

We have ample experience in delivering residential structural engineering projects across California and have a high success rate in getting the required engineering permits. We prepare engineering plans and perform structural calculations for any changes you want to make to your existing home (additions, remodeling, ADUs, deck addition and others), or for a New Custom Home engineered for you!

  • New Custom Home

    We can guide you through the whole process of building you a new home from getting all the structural engineering plans and permits for your home to referring you to our partner contractors in your area.

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  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

    Having a customised ADU right next to your home is a great way to increase utility space and value for your home and we can help engineer that for you.

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  • Home Remodel

    We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to transform any room in your home to meet your requirement. Our offerings are but not limited to kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, sun rooms for natural sunlight and extra space.

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  • Home Addition

    We can create home additions custom built and tailored to your specific needs by our trusted team of engineers. Our offerings are but not limited to extra room addition, new story addition and game room addition.

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  • Decks and Patios

    We can help you with your deck or patio remodel/additions.

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  • Load Bearing Wall Removal

    We help you evaluate your wall(s) to determine if they are load bearing, and can prepare a full set of plans and engineering calculations required for successful building permit approval. Load Bearing Wall Removal is common in case of interior remodeling, where room size needs to be changed.

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  • On-Site Structural Evaluation

    We can help you to evaluate if there are any structural issues in your existing building/ building foundations.

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  • Foundation Engineering

    From the On-Site Structural Evaluation report as above, if your existing foundation is found to be weak, we can provide foundation retrofit engineering services to strengthen your building foundations and then can also refer you to our trusted contractor partners to get the job executed on site.

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  • Seismic Retrofit

    We are a leader in the seismic retrofit engineering of existing buildings in California and can help you bring your building up to code and prepare for the next big earthquake.

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Energy Permits
Energy Permits

These are Building Energy Efficiency Standards required in the state of California for new and existing buildings to achieve and maintain energy efficiency.

Title 24 and CAL Green - We can guide you through the process of getting the energy permits like Title 24 and CAL Green in accordance with the California Building Code after any remodels and additions have been executed in your house. A mandatory requirement in the state of California.


Once the engineering permit is obtained, we can refer you to our trusted contractor partners to perform the required construction of your house.

Construction Administration
Construction Administration/Site Survey

We provide construction administration services to ensure that the construction goes as per the structural plans and that the construction quality is well maintained. We have a dedicated contact number, and an e-mail ID to assist contractors during the construction process.

Construction Administration during the construction process is a great way to ensure no re-work is required later and helps in timely completion of the project.

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