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Building the home of your dreams is often an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience that stays with you forever! So, you look for the best designer, engineer, and contractor that not only fit your budget but also your deadlines and daily work schedule.

At Design Everest, a highly experienced design expert will work closely with you by listening to your needs and objectives. Then a dedicated Project Manager will facilitate coordination with other disciplines (Structural Engineering, Title 24, MEP etc.) to ensure that the objectives, quality, and timeline are met.

Our Custom Home Services


We connect you with a trusted designer in your area who will develop the plans in the proper Architectural Permit Set. This is a prerequisite for starting engineering activities.

Structural & Civil Engineering

We possess vast experience in a range of residential structural and civil engineering services and the necessary permits. On completing this step, we even refer you to a contractor partner in your area for the next steps.

Energy Permits (Title24 and CAL Green)

These are Building Energy Efficiency Standards required in the State of California for new and existing buildings to achieve and maintain energy efficiency. Our experience will guide you in obtaining the required permits.

Construction Administration

During construction, our ongoing administration service ensures that the construction goes as planned and adheres to the quality with which the project was engineered. We have a dedicated team, phone number and email to facilitate this process. Construction Administration is critical in preventing rework and delays.

Why Design Everest?

Experience & High Quality

For 13+ years, our highly experienced professionals have successfully delivered 3000+ design & engineering projects across California.

Customer Focus

We provide the best and most responsive customer service in the industry. Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager and Customer Success Manager.

Affordable Quality

Small or large projects, we work within your budget to deliver the best quality at competitive pricing.

Licensed & Insured

Our California-licensed professionals provide the technical expertise and experience to complete your project.

Support with Permits

We provide you permit sets and guidance on obtaining the necessary approvals from the local authorities.

Design Everest was pleasant to work with and did a great job. Our architect recommended the firm, and although we thought we’d have a difficult time getting the needed attention for our project as a result of the massive rebuilding effort post wildfire season, Design Everest delivered.
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