Licensed and Experienced in Architecture and Engineering of Multifamily & Buildings

We are experienced with working on small remodeling projects of a single unit of a multifamily complex to building a new apartment complex from the ground-up. Have a look at our service offerings for the below mentioned project types:

Feasibility Study

Are you working on a new affordable housing project? Or a new townhouse/ building? You have no idea if the city authorities will approve the plans or the design you have in mind. We can help you with the Feasibility Study for your building. We can prepare a realistic site plan, and Design Everest can develop schematic floor plans and massing of buildings beyond a basic conceptual design, allowing for City’s preliminary feedback on:

  • Setbacks
  • Height limitations
  • Landscape areas
  • Amenities
  • Driveways
  • Parking layout and count
  • Fire Department access lanes and turnarounds
  • Open spaces
Feasibility Study

Ground-Up Services

Thinking of adding a new building to your portfolio? We offer complete pre-construction services to transform your wish into a reality. Our multi-functional team of Project Managers, Engineers, and Architects can support you from planning to completion. We are experienced in design and engineering for various types of multifamily projects (apartments, townhouses, lofts and other types) from the ground-up in the Bay Area and all the way to San Diego

Seismic Retrofit Services

Want to know if your building requires retrofitting? Want to comply with your city’s retrofit mandate? Seismic retrofitting is about reinforcing a building to make it less likely to be damaged after an earthquake. We can do all the necessary structural enhancements required for seismic retrofit to protect structures like all types of multifamily buildings. We have worked in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Palo Alto and others to help owners to comply with the cities’ mandates.

Soft Story Retrofit for an existing apartment complex at Los Angeles, CA.

Remodeling Services

Want to open up your kitchen or dining space? Want to give a new look to your bedroom or bathroom? Remodeling a single unit in a multifamily building has limited options but even small changes can give a completely new look to your home. We have significant experience in doing remodeling jobs.

 Architecture and Structural Engineering for the kitchen and bathroom remodel of a unit at San Jose, CA.

Unit Conversion Services

Want to increase your rental income? Change the configuration of your building to increase the number of units and get more revenue. Unit Conversion can be a fairly straight forward project and can be completed quickly. We have worked extensively with Mosser Companies and completed the projects quickly to get their units available for rent at the earliest.

Multi-Unit ADU Services

Have unused space in your building? Convert it to small ADU units which can help you get more rental income.

Unit Conversion Services

The Process at Design Everest

  • Design Everest
    • Our Architects and Engineers will first understand your requirements and objectives.
    • We then can work out the complete scope of the project.
    • If required, we can consult with your city to understand the local laws
  • Design Everest
    Quick Turnaround
    • Agreeing on the scope, we will produce the designs and engineering for your project
    • A Project Manager is assigned to help and guide you throughout the process
    • Our on-demand technical team will work quickly and efficiently to get your project completed at the earliest
  • Design Everest
    Way Forward
    • We will provide a set of drawings that you may submit to the city to obtain the required permits
    • Our fixed fee includes addressing all city comments (if any) on our plans and in our scope of work until the permit is approved.
    • Next, we can connect you with reputable contractors in your area, so you can get started with your project right away.
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Why choose Design Everest?

  • Experience & value engineering

    A true one-stop pre-construction service provider with experience in a wide range of specializations namely:

    • Architecture
    • 3D Rendering and Modelling
    • Structural Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • MEP Engineering
    • Permit Submission
    • Construction Administration Support at the time of Construction

    We can provide you any or all of the listed services as per the requirement of your project.

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  • Responsiveness and quick turnaround

    A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to you who is available throughout your project. The Project Manager will always keep you apprised of the progress and push to get your project completed in time. We also have a strong Customer Support Team to help you along the way till the permit is approved by the City.

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  • Ability to take on a project anytime

    Our on-demand technical team is ready to take up your project at any given time across California.

  • Breadth of Experience

    Our highly experienced California-certified technical team has worked on hundreds of projects in the Multi-Family realm.

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