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Team deserve(s) five stars. Their quote was very competitive and they completed their work very fast while meeting all the city requirements. Very happy with the first phase!

How it works


We have years of experience in multi-family units all over California. To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs.

2-3 Week Turnaround

Once we understand your needs we deliver plans and drawings for your multi-family building. Our average turnaround time is 2 to 3 weeks with the ability for you to track your project in real time.

Easy Permit Process

We take you all the way to the permit phase and permit approval. Next, we connect you with reputable contractors in your area so you can get started on your rebuild right away.

Multi-Family Properties

With the rising need for housing in the US, there’s been a mirrored increase in the construction or renovation of multi-family dwellings. From duplexes all the way up to full apartment complexes, these buildings require the skills and knowledge of an experienced engineering team to craft a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. If you do not have the Architectural design plans developed, we can connet you with our Architect partners in your area to get it to speed. Our team knows how to get Engineering permits approved for everything from multi-family renovations to new builds. These structures often involve much more complicated rules and codes, which our fully licensed and insured structural engineers know the ins and outs of.

Converting to Multi-Family

One of the increasingly common project styles we work on is the conversion of a single-family home or other building into multi-family units. Instead of building a brand new structure, we provide the multi-family floor plans that meet the appropriate code for each dwelling. Our engineering team takes into account the need for new load bearing walls, egress doors and windows, and the potential extension or addition of rooms to create the end product our clients want. With our years of experience obtaining multi-family property permits, we can have you well on your way in your endeavor in no time flat.

Duplexes & Townhomes

Though duplexes and townhomes are often on a smaller scale than a full apartment complex when it comes to multi-family dwelling construction or remodeling, their requirements are more similar than you may initially think. We offer the same high quality customer service for every project, regardless of the scope and size. Our team knows the best way to get your permits approved quickly and efficiently, letting you break ground within weeks instead of months. We know you will feel confident working with our engineering team to craft the multi-family project you’ve envisioned, whether we’re helping you build it from the ground up or renovating an existing structure.

Renovating Multi-Family Units

Multi-family renovations come with a unique set of requirements. Our responsive customer service team works with you to address the specific needs of your project as they arise, leading to a quality final product you can be proud of. We know that every situation will need careful attention to details and a dedicated team of engineering experts to deliver the multi-family floors plans that make sense for your individual structure. And with our contractor referrals, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands from end-to-end.

Apartment Buildings

When it comes to multi-family units, apartment buildings are generally the largest scale version of this project to undertake. The scope of apartments can vary in nearly every way, from the number of units to how many floors the building has to whether the units are separated or one cohesive structure. Each variable is carefully considered by our experienced engineering team to craft the multi-family floor plans you need. With fast permitting and skilled contractors, we can help you complete a project on-time and on-budget.

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