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Design Everest can be your trusted and experienced partner for issuing entitlements. California has one of the most detailed and complicated entitlements processes in the nation and Design Everest has worked successfully on many entitlement projects across California as per the requirements from the City/County laws.

  • Our experienced and licensed Civil Engineers provide services with applications and approvals (within the Civil Engineering scope) as per the requirement by local governing body for any type of entitlement be it a ground up build, change of use or adding a new facade to an existing building,
  • Design Everest also provides technical Civil Plans based on the entitlement application requirement which includes but is not limited to preliminary site plan, grading & drainage plan, utility plan, tentative map, stormwater management plan and other necessary requirements. We also provide technical study like feasibility, hydrology or Drainage study.
  • We go through your needs and provide the best recommendations for your entitlement as well as future developments.

When it comes to land development projects, our team is an extension of yours. We recognize that the entitlement process is the riskiest stage of any development project. Don’t let the permitting process cause project changes, schedule delays, or cost overruns.

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