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Team deserve(s) five stars. Their quote was very competitive and they completed their work very fast while meeting all the city requirements. Very happy with the first phase!

How it works


We have years of experience in fire rebuilds all over California. To start, a Design Everest associate schedules a consultation with you to fully understand your needs for your home rebuild.

Quick Turnaround

Once we have an understanding of your needs and you have an understanding of the process, we start working on your project right away. Our goal is to work as one cohesive team.

Easy Permit Process

We take you all the way to the permit phase and permit approval. Next, we connect you with reputable contractors in your area so you can get started on your rebuild right away.

California Fire Rebuild

After the devastating events in California, it’s important to find the right people to help rebuild your fire damaged home. With Design Everest, you can expect only the highest quality engineering services. From providing fire rebuild plans and permits to connecting you with our superior general contracting and architectural network, we can fastrack the process for you. Our responsive team will make sure you get the top notch service you need to restore your home to its former beauty.

Fast Project Turnaround

With Design Everest, you don’t have to wait to rebuild your fire damaged home. Our licenced engineering team has experience securing permits for our clients throughout California. You can have the structural plans you need to rebuild your home post-fire in 2 to 3 weeks flat. That means you can start constructing your rebuild right away. We quickly work to take this catastrophic situation and turn it into engineering solutions you’ll love.

Fire Rebuild Engineering Plans

Rebuilding a fire damaged home requires careful consideration and experienced help. These unique situations come with potential structural dangers now and well into the future, as fires often affect more than just the visibly damaged aspects of a home. From ensuring a sturdy foundation all the way up to guaranteeing a safe roofline, we can help you jumpstart your home rebuild. Design Everest prides itself on our commitment to safety and quality when it comes to providing engineering plans. We’ll take your vision and turn it into a reality with floor plans that suit your needs, an evaluation of your home’s current condition, and our expert opinions on how to best move forward.

New Home Builds

If you’ve completely lost your house in the recent wildfires, you may choose to rebuild a new home on your property. Design Everest can help with custom home design plans that fit your needs and budget. Our structural experts are an excellent resource for end-to-end building project management. We’ll work with you to achieve your ideal home with floor plans that suit your personal aesthetic and fast permit approval, all under budget.

Customer-Focused Model

After the damage to your home in a fire, we know the last thing you want is any more surprises. Our caring and dedicated customer support ensures a smooth process from beginning to end. We make sure that the structural engineers know exactly what our clients want, helping to make your home rebuild process easier and faster. No matter how complicated the project or tight the deadline, Design Everest delivers all your engineering needs on-time and on-budget.

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