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  • Architecture

    We connect you with our trusted architect in your to discuss and develop the plans in a proper Architectural Permit Set - a prerequisite for the engineering phase. The Design Everest team brings 15+ years of experience with modern and traditional designs to help rebuild your home.

  • Structural & Civil Engineering
    Structural, Civil & MEP Engineering

    We bring vast experience in a range of Structural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering needed for your Permit Set. On completion, we can refer you to a trusted Contractor for the construction phase, free of charge.

  • Energy Permits
    Energy Permits (Title24 and CAL Green)

    These are Building Energy Efficiency Standards required in the State of California for new and existing buildings to achieve and maintain energy efficiency. Our experience will guide you in obtaining the required permits.

  • Construction Administration
    Construction Administration

    During construction, our ongoing administration service ensures that the construction goes as planned and adheres to the quality with which the project was engineered. We have a dedicated team, phone number and email to facilitate this process. Construction Administration is critical in preventing rework and delays.

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