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Cutting Edge Engineering Technology

We at Design Everest Consulting Engineers understand the best way to secure building permits for clients. That’s why we provide you with a cost-effective and comprehensive plan so you can break ground on your new construction. Get blueprints design plans into the hands of qualified builders as soon as possible with our help.

Commercial Tenant Services CAD Drafting

AutoCad Drafting

We make sure that drawings are accurately drafted to deliver the most sound construction for your project. Any successful construction relies on the quality and precision of structural drafting. With a robust team of AutoCad drafters using cutting edge engineering applications, we are able to provide flawless drafts that speed up the construction process ultimately saving you time and money.

When you work with Design Everest you get a complete team of drafters and engineers. This allows us to collaborate on your project without any delays so you can get your permits and start building in half the time. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project our team provides you with quality blueprints at a competitive price.

Building Stability Analysis

Foundation Design

Lay the groundwork for years of stability and safety by taking advantage of our expertise in foundation design. Whether it is a shallow mat foundation for a home or individual footings and piles for a commercial structure, we have a proven track record of success in delivering cost effective and safe structures. Work with a team that considers every possible condition that could affect the stability of your new building.

Before any civil engineering has begun, our concrete foundation design experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site to catalogue a variety of conditions that could impact the structure. We take into account the load bearing needs of the structure and how that will relate to the settlement of adjacent soil. This is incorporated into an estimation of the dead load, live load, and wind load that can be expected. After a full consideration of the load bearing capacity of the soil and the proximity to the water table, a new foundation design can be created.

Go Green With PV

Solar Panel Plans

Our team of experts have extensive experience with solar panel installation on new constructions and existing buildings. For new constructions we can easily design the structural system to accommodate the dead load (the weight) of solar panels. Existing buildings are evaluated by our team to make sure that existing structures can handle the extra loading of solar panels. After our evaluation we provide you with a solution and the plans to install solar panels on your building.

Peyush A.Testimonial

Detailed oriented and extremely responsive

“As part of a remodeling project in our home in the east bay, I had pleasure to work with their engineer. I found him very detailed oriented and extremely responsive. In no time he could understand complex structure of the home and came up with the engineering design of the remodel. The city approved his design in no time. Will definitely recommend him!”

Stars - Peyush A.
Dima L.Testimonial

Professional Expertise

“I was working with their engineer on my new construction residential project. He has provided high level of professional expertise, great level of details, quick response and aggressively competitive pricing. Looking forward to do business again. Thanks, Design Everest.”

Stars - Dima L.

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Quality That’s Affordable

Quality That’s Affordable

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The Best Customer Service

The Best Customer Service

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Licensed, experienced & insured

Licensed, experienced & insured

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