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Deck Repair

As a deck repair and remodeling engineer, we see the possibilities of adding value to your home and increasing your outdoor living space. Tell us what you need for your decking project and our experienced design and engineering staff will make it happen. Our deck services include deck inspection, deck repair or replacement, repairing rot or mold, repairing deck railing, anchoring deck stairs, repairing issues caused by mildew, repairing unstable deck boards, repairing design or structural flaws, installing a green deck with eco-friendly materials, and other deck improvements.

Deck Repair Services in California

Deck Inspection

Our engineers routinely inspect decks to ensure they meet the California safety guidelines. During our inspections we make sure your deck is structurally sound and that your deck boards are stable. We also make sure the railing properly supports your deck and there are no missing or popped screws. Other items we look for is the presence of dry rot, mildew, mold, or signs of a pest infestation. All of these compromise the safety and long-term investment of your deck.

Repairing Deck Boards

Deck boards will need to be repaired if there are splintered or cracked boards that are no longer safe to walk on. We check to make sure that each board is stable and replace any boards that are not safe. Rotten wood deck boards will need to be replaced to prevent the spread of rot to the rest of your deck. We have experience with the following types of decks: composite eco-friendly decks, pool decks, hardwood decks, exotic wood, cedar decks, treated lumber, and redwood decks.

Repairing Dry Rot, Mildew, Mold, and Pest Infestation

Dry rot, mildew or mold is usually caused by excess moisture. Dry rot is a fungus which can cause mold, mildew and decay in your wood decking. It’s important to detect these issues early on because they can spread and attract termites. If your deck looks gray, dark or decayed you may have dry rot, mold, mildew or wood-eating insects. If not treated early they can spread and cause further damage to your deck. Our engineers are able to pinpoint these issues and make the necessary repairs or replacements.

Deck Railing Repair or Replacement

Deck railings must support your deck to ensure that it can support weight. If any part of your railing is loose, wobbly, broken or missing bolts we make sure they are properly fixed and your railing supports your deck. We work with metal, composite, wood, glass, cable and stucco railings.

Repairing Design Flaws in Your Decking

Some decks may show signs of decay due to design flaws during the original construction of the deck. We work with you to determine if your decking structure is in good enough shape or if there needs to be a complete deck replacement.

HOA and California SB-721

The California SB-721 requires the HOA to be responsible for all commune areas including ones used privately such as a deck or balcony. Each deck and balcony is to be inspected by an architect, civil, or structural engineer once every 6 years, and once before 2024. A report needs to be provided to the HOA, and repairs need to be done as necessary. If you are part of an HOA, our engineers will be able to provide the necessary report and make the repairs.

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