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Convert your Warehouse to Home as per your needs.

You might want to convert a warehouse into one house or multiple apartments. For Warehouse Conversion, an important question is how to divide the space ? Are you going to make multiple rooms or utilize a primarily open layout? Local Zoning and codes needs to be considered before the conversion from commercial property to residential property. Design Everest considers all the important requirements for Warehouse Conversion design and layout. We also use a collaborative approach that brings your vision to life with maximum functionality

Feasibility Study for Warehouse Conversion to Home

Warehouse Conversion projects have unique technical requirements and limitations. The feasibility report will explain what may be possible given those requirements and limitations, and provide a guide to the project timeline. Feasibility Study starts with an in-depth (due diligence) research of the rules and regulations which apply to your property or building. This includes zoning regulations, building codes, and any site specific requirements such as historic or other special district designations, design reviews, environmental concerns, etc

Feasibility Study for Warehouse Conversion to Home
Architecture design for Warehouse Conversion to Home

Large spaces in Warehouses need to be utilized smartly while converting into a home. Warehouse homes have their own uniqueness which should also be displayed in the designs prepared by the Architect. At Design Everest, we provide Architectural Designs and layout as per your requirement and consider the fact that the warehouse large spaces have to be used completely and aesthetically.

Architecture design for Warehouse Conversion to Home
Structural Engineering for Warehouse Conversion to Home

Structural engineering is the muscle and bone of any construction project.
With a reputation for exceptional quality and value, dependability and integrity – we provide unparalleled responsiveness to your unique needs. Our engineers also collaborate with the architects to ensure a proper understanding of your needs and optimization of plans. We also give importance to value engineering and strive to find the most cost effective way for your warehouse conversion projects.

Structural engineering for Warehouse Buildings
Civil Engineering for Warehouse Conversion to Home

While converting a warehouse to a home, you might be in need of a grading & drainage plan, retaining wall plans, sewer design, storm water drainage plans or off site improvement plans. Design Everest is a one stop solution for all your civil engineering requirements in California.

Civil Engineering for Warehouse Conversion to Home
MEP designs for your Warehouse conversions to Home

Design Everest offers efficient Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) designs for your project with emphasis on safety, cost reduction, ease of system operation & maintenance and the design vision for warehouse conversions.

MEP Designs for Warehouse Buildings
HVAC designs for Warehouse Conversions

HVAC is a basic requirement in a warehouse to maintain stable temperature and proper ventilation for working staff and product stored. While converting your warehouse, you might need to change the HVAC design as per your home requirement. Design Everest’s engineering team will provide designs that will help ensure that your HVAC SYSTEM is structurally sound and effective.

HVAC installation support
Construction Administration for Warehouse Conversions to Home

Design Everest team provides construction support services for warehouse conversion projects to ensure that the construction goes completely according to the plans. Our dedicated construction administration helps prevent any delays and unnecessary expenses on construction due to re-work.

Construction support for Warehouse Buildings
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