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Our Civil Engineering Services

Design Everest offers a spectrum of Civil Engineering Services all across California. Our licensed and experienced Civil engineers provide quality services and support with paperwork for all kinds of Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects. We are capable of delivering our services from the early phase of your project where you might need preliminary plans for all necessary approvals. Design Everest also provides other services like Due Diligence, Architecture Designs, Structural Engineering, Title 24 & CAL Green, construction administration which makes us a complete package provider for all your construction project needs.

Design Everest
Land Entitlement Services

Our experienced and licensed Civil Engineers provide services with applications and approvals (within the Civil Engineering scope) as per the requirement by local governing body for any type of entitlement be it a ground up build, change of use or adding a new facade to an existing building,

Design Everest also provides technical Civil Plans based on the entitlement application requirement which includes but is not limited to preliminary site plan, grading & drainage plan, utility plan, tentative map, storm water management plan and other necessary requirements. We also provide technical study like feasibility, hydrology or Drainage study.

Design Everest
Subdivision Plans

If you are planning to subdivide property with the purpose of selling, leasing, financing, or subdividing land for your family our Licensed & Experienced Civil Engineers provide services with legal approvals and applications under the California Subdivision Map Act and City/County laws.

Design Everest also provides services in developing technical Civil Plans based on the subdivision application requirement which includes but is not limited to preliminary site plan, grading plan, drainage plan, utility plan, tentative map, and other necessary requirements.

Design Everest
Site Grading Plan and Earthwork Estimates

Our licensed Civil Engineers are experienced in site grading plan and Civil Earthwork engineering services to ensure that your site meets the best management practice criteria. Properly designed grading plans by a Civil Engineer can save on overall material movement resulting in significant cost and schedule savings. We also offer cut and fill grading plan estimates to Architects and General Contractors for Residential and Commercial projects.

Design Everest
Drainage and Sewer Plans

Our Civil Engineers with extensive experience in complex drainage projects, deliver hydrologic & hydraulic design calculations and drainage plans for various projects. We optimize drainage systems and ensure compliance with the applicable codes and standards. Design Everest’s Civil Engineers also design and provide plans for the sanitary sewer system and underground storm water sewer systems.

Design Everest
Retaining Wall

Design Everest has several years of experience in delivering Retaining Wall designs and providing support with application/permits as per the California Building Code (if required) through our local and licensed Civil Engineers. We have designed all kinds of Retaining Walls such as Gravity Retaining Wall, Sheet Piling Retaining Wall, Anchored Retaining Wall or Cantilevered Retaining Wall.

While designing the Retaining Wall, our licensed and experienced engineers consider all the factors which are necessary before designing, like soil report, type of wall needed, drainage through the retaining wall, the material to be used (Wood, Concrete, Stone, Gabion, Soldier pipes, Steel Posts ).

Design Everest
Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion and Sediment control is a big part of site design to maintain functionality. Site-specific techniques are adapted to impart soil stability in delicate areas caused due to slope failure, grading operations or for stabilizing a water body bank. Our skilled,experienced and licensed Civil Engineers at Design Everest offer quality Erosion Control engineering services in quick turnaround time.

Design Everest
Hydrology studies

Our Civil Engineering team at Design Everest also conducts surface water hydrology studies, including but not limited to catchment analysis, rainfall analysis, runoff assessment, watercourse analysis and drainage impact assessment for residential and commercial lands throughout California.

Design Everest
Stock Pile Plan

Our licensed and experienced Civil Engineers can provide plans and details of the earthwork activities (excavation, filling and spreading) as required for your project during construction to make sure it is properly utilized.

Design Everest
Construction Administration Services

Design Everest also refers you to local contractors across California to start your Civil Engineering project right away, saving your time and money. We also offer Construction Administration services ensuring the construction is being done exactly as per the plan avoiding any rework or delays.


At Design Everest, challenges are viewed differently and your success is driven by our innovation. Over 15 years, we’ve been reinventing the pre-construction process to make it as smooth for you as possible.

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