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Whether you’re building a new custom home or just changing things up, finding the right architect is key to getting your vision on paper. Design Everest’s experienced and creative architects turn your wishlist into stunning designs boasting both form and function.

Plus, our team is familiar with your local building safety codes and permitting process, so no snags there.

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Civil Engineering

Proper site preparation before construction is crucial to ensuring your project’s future. Just one forgotten detail can lead to cracked foundations, sloping floors, flooding or worse. Our team of licensed civil engineers designs and develops robust solutions to address all concerns.

From land grading and erosion control to permitting, we take great care to produce a reliable strategy you can count on.

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Construction Administration

As you know, construction is complicated. And even well-intentioned contractors can misinterpret architectural or engineering plans during the build phase. That’s what makes construction administration such an important part of your project’s success. If you need additional support on your project, we can provide ongoing administration after construction has started.

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Financing pre-construction for your dream home is a convenient as finding inspiration photos on the internet. Keep in mind that your pre-construction lender is another important member of your design and build team. We can help match pre-construction financing options to your buying power, answer your questions, and recommend a loan program that is right for you. This may translate into a larger home, extra bathroom, or an added amenity like a master suite.

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Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering takes a multifaceted approach to achieve optimal results. Our goal is to create an interior space that’s comfortable, functional and cost-effective in terms of heating, cooling, humidity control, electrical access and plumbing.

With safety top of mind, Design Everest’s team of MEP engineers tackles projects big and small from home renovations and additions to ADUs and new custom homes.


On-Site Structural Evaluation

Whether you are buying a new home and want an evaluation before you make the big purchase, or you are concerned about cracks, sloping, settlement or any other structural issues in your existing home, our experienced engineers can help you with a professional on-site structural evaluation.

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Structural Engineering

Without solid structural engineering, your home improvement project carries serious risks. Design Everest organizes a structural plan, identifies challenges, troubleshoots solutions and keeps your project moving forward.

We work closely with you and your city’s building department to create a design that’s not only code-compliant, but also sustainable for the long haul.

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Title 24

Any new construction project takes extensive know-how and planning to avoid legal pitfalls and delays. That’s never been more true with Title 24, California’s building codes detailing the minimum energy efficiency standards for all new buildings and remodels when external and mechanical changes are being proposed.

Our experts know all the Title 24 ins and outs, keeping your project timeline on schedule and budget in check.


Virtual Consultations

Design Everest understands that in-person meetings are not always feasible. We offer virtual, one-on-one consultations with an experienced team member, architect, or engineer. By collaborating online, you gain convenient access to a qualified pro who’s eager to help you execute your dream project.

Safe, economic and easy, our virtual consultations range from general inquiries and basic advice to in-depth analyses and reports.

Not Sure What You Need?


When it comes to planning and designing, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. That’s why we curate our services specifically to your needs. Simply reach out to see how we can put together a tailored package just for you.

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