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At Design Everest Civil Engineers offer a spectrum of services to undertake the pre-design phase of the residential or commercial building construction of your land. You may want to hire a licensed residential or commercial Civil Engineering consultant. Design Everest delivers several civil engineering plans starting from projects which are in early phase of construction like subdivision or entitlement phase.

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Some of the Civil Engineering Services Design Everest provides which include but are not limited to
Grading Plans

Our licensed Civil Engineers are experienced in delivering site grading plans and Civil Earthwork calculations to ensure that your site's earthwork is balanced and follows the construction best management practices. Properly designed grading plans by a Civil Engineer can save on overall material movement resulting in significant cost and schedule savings. We also offer cut and fill grading plan estimates to Architects and General Contractors for Residential and Commercial projects.

Site grading plans and Civil Engineering calculations for better construction
Drainage and Sewer Plans

Our licensed Civil Engineering professionals have delivered quality drainage plans for all kinds of Residential and Commercial Projects. We optimize drainage systems and ensure compliance with the applicable codes and standards. We also provide designs for the sanitary sewer system and underground Storm sewer system.

Grading & Drainage System Design and Plans for Commercial and Residential Projects
Retaining Wall Plans and Permits

Are you looking for Retaining Wall permits or Civil Engineering Plans for your Retaining Wall ? Insufficient drainage is one of the key issues that may happen due to an improper retaining wall drainage design. We have successfully delivered several grading and drainage plans to correct such issues. We also provide structural calculations and plans for the retaining wall.

Civil Engineering Plan and Design for Retaining Wall Drainage
Land Subdivision Services

Subdivision Process can get complicated in no time. It requires skilled and experienced professionals. Design Everest provides services with civil and architectural plans and support with legal approval/applications with quick turnaround time as per the California Subdivision Map act

 skilled and experienced professionals for subdivision plans in california
Erosion Control Plans

Erosion and Sediment control is a big part of site design to maintain functionality. Site-specific techniques are adapted to impart soil stability in delicate areas. An effective erosion control implementation ensures rock, sand or dirt particles do not leave the site and enter waterways thereby ensuring acceptable quality of stormwater leaving the site. Our skilled, experienced and licensed Civil Engineers at Design Everest offer quality Erosion Control engineering services in quick turnaround time.

 Erosion and Sediment control implementation plans to ensure soil stability
Hydrology Studies

Our Civil Engineering team at Design Everest conducts surface water hydrology studies, including but not limited to catchment analysis, drainage area maps, rainfall analysis, runoff assessment and drainage impact assessment Design Everest’s Civil Engineers are experienced in Hydrology studies.

surface water hydrology studies and plans by licensed civil engineers at Design Everest
Storm Water Designs

Stormwater Design involves channeling the surface stormwater to different drainage systems. We deliver efficient stormwater management plans with Low-impact development (LID) measures and C3 compliance. They can also help with the Stormwater Detention/Retention design, Water quality management plan (WQMP) and Stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) if the disturbed site area is greater than 1 acre. LID employs principles such as preserving and recreating natural landscape features, minimizing effective imperviousness to create functional and appealing site drainage that treats stormwater as a resource rather than a waste product. Our licensed Civil Engineers provide effective Stormwater Design.

stormwater management plans and design for proper drainage systems
Septic Tank Designs

All the wastewater which flows into the drain of a house gets collected in septic tanks. They are the underground, onsite, small-scale sewage treatment setups that collect sewage. A septic tank contains two major components: a septic tank and an absorption field. The wastewater flows into the septic tank which gets treated by the bacterial action and then the effluent wastewater after primary treatment gets sent to the absorption field. Our Civil Engineers can examine the lay of the land and perform various soil tests to establish the best area to construct the septic system.

underground, onsite, small-scale sewage treatment setups by licensed civil engineer for residential project
Water and Fire Water Plans

Our licensed Civil Engineers have delivered quality Fire Plans, water connection, and water meter upgrade plans for all kind of Residential and Commercial Projects. meter upgrade plans for all kind of Residential and Commercial Projects. We coordinate with the city/county for the standard water connection requirements, details, and notes as well as checklists for the water meter upgrade.

Fire Plans, water connection, and water meter upgrade plans and sketches for residential and commercial projects

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We are the ones you want Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services

How DE Advantage makes us a preferred Architecture and Engineering company in San Jose ?

We are the ones you need
Our goal is to deliver excellent engineering and related services. Since 2005, we have gained the experience of 8000+ residential and commercial projects for end-customers and industry partners, powering over $500M of construction annually through our innovative and remote delivery method. We have a dedicated Construction Support team to quickly resolve any design and engineering queries during the construction phase. Design Everest does not give up on a project until the last nail is in the wall.

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