Why are Townhouses Becoming Popular?

Modern townhouse/s are designed to mimic a detached single-family home in a multi-unit setup in an urban environment. Generally, they are constructed to have the same interior and exterior design and may share a wall with adjoining houses; the difference in design comes from the corner units, which may have a larger footprint.

Want to build a Townhouse and have questions regarding the maximum number of units that can be built? Setbacks around the proposed building? Zoning questions regarding if a multifamily residence is allowed?

Design Everest suggests starting a project of this size with a Feasibility Study. This study will help you answer all of your questions and give you a clear way to proceed with the project.

What are the benefits of living in a Townhouse vs. a single-family home and an apartment/condo?

If you are in the market to buy a home and are trying to decide between different types of multifamily homes like apartments, condos, lofts, etc., understanding the pros and cons of different types of homes is very important. A townhouse can give you more space than other aforementioned types of multifamily homes due to its multi-level construction. Townhouses generally have a small yard exclusively for each home which can be beneficial if you have young children or pets.

A major advantage over single-family residences is that you would be spending a lesser amount on the external repairs and overall maintenance of your home. Some other advantages are. Firstly, you can downsize – when your kids move out of the house, you can shift to a townhouse which can be a smaller yet efficient place. Perfect for people who are approaching retirement. Secondly, a split level design is possible in townhouses – the home can be separated into a living area downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

What are the benefits of developing a Townhouse over any other multifamily homes?

If you have a plot of land and are trying to decide the type of building you want to construct, you can consider building Townhouses.

Here’s why:

  • New townhome construction has been on the rise since 2009. The previous four quarters, ending with the third quarter of 2018, townhouse starts totaled 123,000, which was 24% higher than the preceding four quarters.
  • Flexibility to build on almost any type of land, irrespective of its small or large size.
    • Townhomes tend to be long and narrow, which ensures they can be built on narrow plots of land.
    • Townhomes can also be made into luxurious dwellings with wide floor plans depending upon the plot on which they are being built
  • If you have land near commercial centers developing Townhomes on it can be very lucrative
    • New homeowners are most probably millennials looking for homes that are within a walkable distance or a short drive from a commercial center
    • Since townhouses emulate single-family homes in more ways than one with multi-level design, rear yard, dedicated garage, etc. they can give a suburban feeling in a city environment.
    • In a narrow patch of land where developing any other form of multifamily buildings could be challenging, however, a townhouse could be developed opening up for better economic prospects for the investment.

How can Design Everest help you with your Townhouse project?

  • Design Everest can help you get started with a Feasibility Study if you are looking to develop a piece of land. This will help you answer all your questions regarding the project and give you the clarity to proceed with the project.
  • Design Everest has worked on numerous multifamily projects across California. We can help you with the Architectural Plans, Structural, Civil, and MEP Engineering, and Title 24 (if required, depends upon your project). We are currently engaged in close to 10 multifamily projects.
  • We can get you started right away with our on-demand access to architects and engineers that will lead to the execution of the whole project in a timely and cost-effective manner

An example of Townhouses built with Design Everest’s expertise:

We did the structural engineering for a six-unit 3-story Townhouse in Sunnyvale, CA. The proposed townhouse building is to be built in 0.34 acres of a narrow patch of land currently housing a single-family residence.

If you have any inquiries in regards to what might be best for your project, get in touch with us at Design Everest. Write to us or call 877-316-6451 for a consultation and FREE quote.

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