Who to Hire for My Home Remodeling Project?

Getting ready for a home remodel can be a huge undertaking for a homeowner. That is why knowing which professionals to hire for a remodeling job is extremely important. Much like building a new home, home remodeling projects will need permits, budgeting, and skilled professionals to complete the task. This article will focus on who to hire for a residential home remodeling project.

DIY Home Remodeling Projects

One person you can hire at a lower rate is yourself! Depending on the degree of skill needed in home remodeling, there are some jobs that a handy homeowner can get done themselves without hiring too many people. To save money, you can do some of the interior finishes for a home remodel including painting, landscaping, and even tiling for skilled homeowners. Adding a tree or shrubbery to your yard is not something a landscaper needs to be hired for, but adding hardscape and retaining walls may require a professional. As mentioned before, it all depends on the skill level of the homeowner and the difficulty of the job.

Remodel Plans

Remodeling projects that will change the floor layout of a home or add square footage will need conceptual design plans and permits. A remodel architect will need to be hired to assist in drafting the remodel plans, obtaining permits, and helping with hiring a contractor once the job is ready for construction. Also, architects will help with choosing building materials and pricing them. To learn more about architects and their role in home design, view the article What is the Role of an Architect in Building a House?

Easy home remodels may just need an architect, but remodels that require changing the frame of a home will need a structural engineer. Changing the frame can include knocking out walls and adding structural elements like solar paneling or a basement. A licensed engineer has to prepare calculations and design the structure to optimal safety within the code parameters. Most jurisdictions will require a certified plan from an engineer in order to get a permit to start construction for those types of projects.

During the remodel process, if it is determined that piping will be replaced or rerouted then plumbing plans will need to be prepared. Also, a detailed plan or specification describing any changes to the mechanical system, such as adding HVAC or a new exhaust for a water heater,  will need to be prepared. Mechanical engineers prepare both the plumbing and mechanical plans. Some standard plans will have mechanical notes that follow wide-scale regulations; however, specialized design elements need a mechanical plan included in the construction set prior to receiving a permit. Mechanical engineers do not need to stay onboard during construction, but they can be hired at will if any design changes need to be implemented while the project is being built. To learn more about the work of mechanical engineers, view the article What Can a Mechanical Engineer Do for My Project?

Electrical work is typically done during a remodel project since energy-efficient products are more mainstream in the present day. The chances are high that if a wall is being removed, it may have electrical wiring running through it that will also need to be re-routed. An electrician is needed for the completion of rewiring, installation of a lighting system, or adding media such as outdoor cameras and televisions. Electricians are hired early on in the process since the grounding of electrical wiring is done by an electrician and then they return later on to install any interior electrical fixtures. Although some homeowners may opt to install their own media, it is important to get an electrician for new systems or any work that requires a permit. Bad electrical work can lead to house fires and blackouts.

Construction for Remodeling Projects

Once the remodel plans are designed by professionals and approved by the local building department, the necessary permits will be issued. Contractors can pull permits on behalf of a homeowner. Once the contractor does that, they will be responsible for the implementation of the approved plans and scheduling the necessary inspections. Contractors typically work with construction laborers and skilled professionals. The skilled professionals can include plumbers for pipework, electricians for wiring systems, painters, tilers, and masons. This can include other trades like framers and concrete finishers too, depending on the extent of the remodel. These skilled professionals are all hired at an additional cost unless the contractor’s agreement with the homeowner covers bringing them in at no additional cost. Some contractors will have construction workers do some of the skilled labor; however, the homeowner probably will need to discuss this before any work is done.

Additionally, there are many ways to remodel a home, including the outdoor space. Adding or remodeling a pool will need a specialized pool contractor and possibly a structural engineer for designing the pool shell. Intricate landscape designs may require a landscape architect. This will show the design features the homeowner wants and also follow any regulatory standards within the area. Some neighborhoods have specific requirements on the design if they are within a homeowner’s association or a specialized zone area. It is important to know what can be done on the exterior before hiring someone to change the layout.

The complexity of the remodeling project will help determine what professionals need to be hired. Also, knowing the difference between a company with a team of different professionals and a firm with only one type of professional is important. The article One-Stop-Shop vs. Individual Architects and Engineers for Your New Home will be a great starting point to learning what type of firm to work with. Design Everest is a one-stop-shop firm that has a team of different professionals working on a remodel project. Contact us to get a free quote and consultation today.

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