Which Professionals Do I Need to Hire to Build a House?

You just purchased a plot of land, and this plot of land will be the site for your new home. As a homeowner, you are probably thinking about the memories you and your family will make or even thinking about the generations that will come to know and love this home, but the home has to be built first!

This article will look into the professionals you will need to get started on your new house plans, the permit documents that will be needed, and process details.

Let’s begin with identifying the professionals you will need to hire to build your new house.
In the conceptual design process, you will need to onboard an architect to help design the plans. For obtaining the permits of the plans and other necessary documents, you will potentially need to hire an architect and a civil engineer. The construction phase of the project will require a general contractor.

Throughout the article, we will identify when and why these professionals are necessary for the home building process.


The architect is the professional you will need to contact when you want to begin designing your new home.
Architects are licensed professionals who will know the constraints of your land and will also be able to provide a rendering of the design and select building materials.

The architect will initially work with you on your budget, accessibility to the property, and the home’s functionality. You may have some pie-in-the-sky design, but the architect’s job is to make your design possible as well as feasible. Throughout the design process, the architect will work with you on iterations for the design.

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Once you both agree on a functional design, the plans can go to the local development agency’s permitting office. An architect’s participation in the permitting and construction process is vital.

The architect may make changes to the architectural plans as required during the permitting phase while assisting and working with the general contractor in selecting the construction material and other such tasks. They play a role in the entire home building process from start to finish, so an architect is an integral part of your home building team.

Civil Engineer

An architect will cover the aesthetic design process of home building, but a civil engineer will look into the design’s structure and safety.
You should hire a civil engineer during the design process so that any issues can be identified and worked through prior to submitting the designs to the permit office. They will review the architectural plans and make sure they are meeting the local building codes and standards.

Civil engineers design the building foundation for the home. They will also provide the additional documents needed during the permitting process, such as a grading plan which consists of the pad and elevation the home will be built on, the drainage associated with the property, and pollutant control for storm events. The civil engineer works with the architect, structural engineer, and landscape architect to derive a stable home that meets the requirements of the area.

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Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

As the plans are coming together, you may notice a few things missing, such as a set of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical plans. The architect and civil engineer will hire subcontractors on your behalf, or a firm like Design Everest will have a team of professionals available to develop these plans.

An electrical engineer will provide a safe electrical arrangement design and distribution for the wiring and electrical needs. Since this is a new home, the electrical system will need to connect to electrical utilities and boxes.

The electrician down the line physically completes the wiring, but an electrical engineer should be available for any design changes to the electrical system. Installation of energy-efficient appliances will save costs during the life of the home.

The plumbing system involves water lines, sewage and drain lines, and gas lines for gas-powered equipment within the home. A master plumber is involved in the design and installation of plumbing systems as this requires a state license and training that exceeds the journeyman plumbing criteria. A master plumber will be familiar with building codes, blueprint reading and possess construction management skills to assist in the construction process.

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During the building permit process, the construction drawing set will also require a set of mechanical plans consisting of the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) layout of the home. The responsible party for this set of plans is a mechanical engineer. The engineer will work out the details and customizations of the system. For example, will the system be all-water heating or all-electrical?

An important thing to note is, a mechanical engineer can compile both the plumbing and mechanical layouts. This is an opportunity for you to save money, and Design Everest can provide this kind of service.

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Permit Documents

Now that all the professionals have been hired and have developed a comprehensive set of construction drawings, you will need to begin the permitting process. The permit process includes an analysis of all environmental impacts and needs of the home infrastructure. The construction plans will be reviewed by several divisions within the permit office. These divisions include the following:

  • Land Development
  • Building
  • Zoning/Planning
  • Public Works

The team you hired, specifically the architect and civil engineer, will handle most of this permit process. They will manage any additional needs for land development to begin on your new home.

In addition to the permit process, a general contractor will be needed for the physical construction of the home. The hiring process of the contractor should take place when the permits are close to being pulled for the home. The contractor has a team of construction laborers and skilled professionals that will implement the building plans.

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As you watch your watch home being built and engage with your hired professionals throughout the process, you may get familiarized with the duration and plan of the build, which is normal. It is important to learn the process and hire the best-fit professionals to get the job done with minimal issues.

The Design Everest team has skilled professionals that are familiar with the home building process. Connect for consultation and a free quote.

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