What Is Land Surveying and Why Is It Important?

If you’re considering buying or selling real estate, you should be aware of the crucial role that land surveying plays in the process. When it comes to real estate, the knowledge and expertise of licensed land surveyors are needed to determine property boundaries, ownership rights, and other features.

Whether you’re purchasing land to build your dream home or selling land to receive cashback on your investment, you must be certain that all aspects and elements of the plot are clearly defined.

A land surveyor is an individual who helps landowners determine how their property boundaries can be accurately established and maintained. This process helps prevent disagreements between neighbors about who owns the rights to a certain area of land or whether or not specific boundaries were correctly established when a tract of land was first purchased or inherited by one person or another.

Land surveying may also help determine the exact size and shape of the land in question, the topography of its surface, and any environmental hazards it may contain, such as floodplains, earthquake faults, sinkholes, and any easements that may be located within the property.

What Does Land Surveying Include?

First, you need to find out if there are any existing plans that might determine your lot size. Check with your county government and/or homeowner’s association. If there is no record of a previous survey, you can get a county surveyor to measure your lot and draw up a plat map—which shows where all of your property lines are and how the various sections of the property are divided. Keep in mind that depending on where you live, these surveys may vary significantly—so check with your municipality for specifics about what is included.

Most land surveying professionals use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and high-tech surveying equipment to determine the size and shape of your property as well as any property lines that might affect it. The land surveyor begins by measuring and marking out your lot with stakes and flags and recording its boundaries.

Then they will map out areas such as street setbacks, easements (parts of the property that the government or others can use without owning it), rights-of-way, sidewalks, streams, and drainage systems. The survey is also used to locate any utility lines that run beneath your property (the county will notify you if they plan to build a road or bridge over those utilities).

Why Do You Need Surveying Services?

A land survey is often considered an optional item when it comes to buying or building a home. However, many homebuyers and builders find that hiring a professional land surveyor can prevent costly mistakes and save money, especially from any legal issues owing to boundary issues.

There are several reasons you should care about land surveying. The first is that your home won’t be finished as a buyer until it’s been properly surveyed. Your surveyor will examine every square inch of your property, identify potential issues and ensure you get exactly what you pay for. You wouldn’t want to build on a landfill or an uneven plot, so hiring a professional is absolutely necessary.

Another reason homebuyers need surveys: boundaries. This is important because your surveyor will determine which parts actually belong to your property. It ensures that the structure will be built where you want it and that you’re not encroaching on anyone else’s property lines. A land survey will also help you understand the topographical features of the plot and the soil properties. These are important factors for land capability classification.

There are lots of ways a land survey can help make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your property. For example, they can ensure that an expensive addition won’t block an easement or encroach on a neighbor’s land. If you have any kind of real estate project in mind, call in a surveyor to help make sure it goes smoothly.

Hire a Professional Engineer for Land Survey

Essentially, a land survey will help you make informed decisions when dealing with real estate and help make sure that your project complies with local planning codes and guidelines.

A land survey is not an inspection; it does not tell you if your home is well-built or advise how to fix any problems. Instead, it serves as an official legal record of your property lines and other critical information like easements, zoning codes, building restrictions, and other such things. This information will help ensure that your new home conforms to local laws and regulations.

How Can Design Everest Help?

Design Everest can guide you through the entire process if you are unsure about what type of land survey you need before purchasing or selling your property. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation on land surveying services.

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