Which Professionals Do I Need to Hire to Build a House?


You just purchased a plot of land, and this plot of land will be the site for your new home. As a homeowner, you are probably thinking about the memories you and your family will make or even thinking about the generations that will come to know and love this home, but the home has […]

What questions should I ask while building my new custom home?


A common dream among many people is to build their very own custom home. If you are considering this yourself, the most advantageous first step is to get a clear picture of everything involved. To help with this, it is important to talk to everyone involved, including the bank, the jurisdiction, a realtor, contractors, and […]

What are the Advantages of the Design-Bid-Build Delivery Method?

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If you’re about to embark on a construction project, choosing the project delivery method is one of the most consequential decisions you will have to make. A delivery method is a system selected by the owner to organize and manage a project’s design, construction, and maintenance. It also outlines the contractual relationships between the owner, […]

What is an Easy Way to Tell if Your Home’s Foundation is Moving?

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Are you finding cracks in your home’s walls and floors? Do the doors and windows not seem to fit their frames as they’re supposed to? If you are noticing these defects, it is likely that your home’s foundation is in trouble. Identifying the symptoms of foundation damage and knowing when to take appropriate action can […]

What’s it Like to Design and Build Your Own House from Scratch?

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Are you thinking about building a home by yourself?  There are many reasons to consider building your own house. You get some peace of mind by handling the process your way. There’s no need to worry about a general contractor (GC) leaving the job half-way. Finally, there’s a financial incentive of not paying for a […]

Foundation Engineering and Foundation Report

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Any structure consists of two parts, a sub-structure, and a super-structure. These two parts of a structure are separated by a line called the plinth of that structure. The plinth is typically the top of the foundation wall. The sub-structure is the part below the plinth and the superstructure is the part above the plinth […]

What are the Stages of a Construction Project?

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All construction projects are unique. Each progresses from start to finish in a one-of-a-kind way. That said, there are 5 stages of construction that apply to every project, whether it’s a single family home or 50-story condo development. If you’re involved in construction, knowing these stages can help you see the big picture, yet also […]

When to hire a civil engineer over a structural engineer

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When constructing a new home, renovating an existing home, or carrying out any other construction project, you will need either a Civil Engineer or a Structural Engineer or sometimes both. One Common Question that many of us think of is “Can civil engineers be structural engineers?”. Answer is! Civil Engineering is one of the oldest […]

Why You May Need a Foundation Engineering Report

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Have you noticed that lately the doors are sticking, or there’s an unusual amount of moisture in your crawl space or basement? Are you observing cracks in the foundation that weren’t there before? Do you feel that the entire house is leaning to one side? These scary symptoms may be pointing to a flaw in […]

Why Structural Calculations Are Important in Design?

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The design of a building involves many disciplines, and each of them contributes an important element to the process. Architects give your building the appearance of your choice and make it function the way you want. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers design the systems that let your occupants enjoy comfortable temperatures, fresh air, the convenience of […]

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