Do I Need a Soils Report to Legalize my Retaining Wall?

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Top view of a house surrounded by large trees at the far opposite corner, lined by a well maintained lawn at the front Do you have an unpermitted retaining wall on your property? Whether you have built it yourself or inherited it with the lot, legalizing your retaining wall is a good idea. A permit […]

What is a Soils Report and When is it Required?

three-construction workers

Have you been told that your construction project needs a soils report? Are you confused about the procedure? A soils report is the summary of a geotechnical investigation – an analysis of soil conditions at the site of a proposed building Depending on site conditions, a soils report may identify expansive soils, high water tables, […]

Is it Mandatory to get a Permit for Retaining Wall?


What is a Retaining Wall? A retaining wall is a structure designed to uphold the soil behind it. This allows for changes in the grade of a plot and flat areas to be used for building structures or backyard features. Several factors must be considered in order to build the proper retaining wall for your property. For […]

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