February Newsletter – New Custom Homes


We hope that you all are doing well and staying safe. This February, we are here with our Newsletter on New Custom Homes to help you get started on your custom home project. One of the many reasons one should plan a custom home is designing a home that suits your needs and budget! Build […]

How Land Subdivision is Done in California


We hope everyone is safe and taking the required precautions in these times. Design Everest comes to you with a new newsletter on Land Subdivision that discusses why you might want to divide your parcel of land into different lots. What is Land Subdivision?  In simple words, the subdivision is a process of dividing an […]

July Newsletter – Home Remodeling


We hope that you are well and safe. We are here with our newsletter on Home Remodeling. Why should you take up a remodeling project now? Your home is a safe haven, especially during these times. Remodeling gives a fresh look to your interiors. You can remove a load-bearing wall or partition walls to open […]

July Newsletter – Feasibility Study


We hope that you are all staying safe and social distancing. Today, we bring you our newsletter on Feasibility Study.  What is a Feasibility Study?  A Feasibility Study starts with an in-depth (due diligence) research of the rules and regulations which apply to your property or building.  This includes zoning regulations, atypical building codes, and […]

July Newsletter – Teleconstruction


Today, we bring you our newsletter on Teleconstruction. What is Teleconstruction service?  At Design Everest, we are now offering virtual consultations and inspections to deliver the answers to your questions and even get inspections done during the construction phase of your project. Do virtual consultations and inspections really work? You may have the perception that […]

June Newsletter – Construction Administration


Today, we bring you our newsletter on Construction Administration. What is Construction Administration service? Why is it important for you? Thinking of remodeling your home or building a new ADU or new custom home? For all of these projects, Construction Administration becomes an important service during the construction phase of your project. Although, the construction […]

June Newsletter – Seismic Retrofit


Today, we bring you our newsletter on Seismic Retrofit. Earthquakes in California are a common phenomenon, yesterday’s earthquake in San Jose or the earthquake in Southern California earlier in the month keep reminding us of the importance of Seismic Retrofitting our homes. Cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, Long Beach, Alameda, Beverly Hills, […]

June Newsletter – Multifamily Buildings


Today, we bring you our newsletter on Multifamily Buildings — Apartments, Townhouses, Condominium, and other multifamily buildings. Thinking of remodeling your unit in a multifamily building?   The following changes to your building or your unit can revamp your lifestyle Making a separate room for your home office – Work at peace in your new space […]

June Newsletter – MEP Design


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these unique times. We are here today with our newsletter on Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical & Plumbing System Plans. The occupants of Commercial establishments as well as Residential buildings can benefit a great deal from having a well designed MEP system in place as […]

June Newsletter – Deck & Patio


We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We bring you our newsletter on Decks & Patios. Staying home has made decks and patios emerge as assets like never before. Why add a Deck or Patio? Decks and Patios are one of the most versatile additions to your property. They not […]

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