7 Things to Consider Before Laying the Foundation of Your New House


It is no secret that a good foundation lasts a lifetime, so it makes sense to pay attention to the details that ensure it stays dry and crack-free for as long as it has a house to support. A good foundation does more than merely keep a home from collapsing. The foundation of a building […]

How To Find The Right Land For Building Your Dream House? 


Choosing to build your dream house from the ground up is an excellent decision. It will allow you to build a design and specs that are tailored to your requirements. Besides having a wonderful design, the final product, the adaptability of the house to your requirements, and how much you love the house are all […]

Important Information To Know Before Buying House Plans


It is almost a life-long dream for most to own their own house and adorn it with their personal touch to call it home. While the rosy picture is nice to visualize, it doesn’t come easy. Some people dream of designing their homes by themselves and personalizing them to a T, and to do the […]

What You Need to Know Before Building a Custom Home


As the sentiments towards owning a home have shifted in recent years, with an increasing number of people trying to create dedicated spaces to live in as well to use as a workspace, many people are looking to develop their custom homes. Building a custom home isn’t for everybody. It takes patience, time, and money. […]

Case Study: Custom Home in Hayward, CA


The case study this article will address is concerning a custom home build in Hayward, California. This home has some engineering issues that concern the need for a fire apparatus turnaround on a steep slope. The house in question is part of a two-lot minor subdivision. The engineer must find a way to provide a […]

What questions should I ask while building my new custom home?


A common dream among many people is to build their very own custom home. If you are considering this yourself, the most advantageous first step is to get a clear picture of everything involved. To help with this, it is important to talk to everyone involved, including the bank, the jurisdiction, a realtor, contractors, and […]

How to Get the Best out of a Contractor for your Construction Project

three-construction workers

Building a new custom home, making additions or doing some renovation to an existing home or condominium means you either have to look for a contractor or home builder. Making the right choice on which contractor you will engage is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. The way you deal […]

10 Hidden Costs of New Homes That Surprise Homeowners

three-construction workers

You wanted to build or buy your new home. You set a budget and added a certain percentage to be on the safe side. You talked to your bank, discussed it with your family and then decided you will go through with your plans. If you bought a newly built house, you would be moving […]

California’s Housing Shortage: No End in Sight

three-construction workers

Have you ever wondered why California’s housing crisis seems to have no end in sight?  Politicians of all stripes have made the issue a pivotal platform point. Tech companies are investing billions to tackle homelessness. Yet, millions of Californians continue to suffer through tremendous hardship while developers question whether high-density residential real estate is a prudent […]

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