Why Are On-Site Structural Evaluations Important?

three-construction workers

Every building has a lifespan. When its materials have to function beyond it, they may deteriorate and cause structural damage. Factors such as poor construction practices, overloading, moisture, and termite infestations can reduce a building’s lifespan, while earlier code adaptations leave older homes at risk of perilous earthquake damage. If you’re a homeowner, discovering sagging […]

Upgrading Your HVAC System and Placing it on the Roof


Are you tired of your A/C unit taking up precious patio space? Are you done with its huffing and puffing, all within earshot of your Adirondack chair? Has your repairman ever scratched his head wondering where your broken system’s malfunction is, in the unit or somewhere inside the house? If you answered yes to any […]

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