What are the advantages of living in a condominium vs. a house?


Introduction It would be nice to walk out of your residence to the local corner store or even to grab an espresso at your favorite café. You think to yourself what type of residence can offer walkability that young professionals and many people need as of today? The condominium is the answer. Given that building […]

I Found Termites in my Home. What do I do?

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A termite infestation can be dangerous as it can cause damage to the inner structure without you being aware of this. As a homeowner, this can be a stressful experience and result in expensive repair costs if it’s not taken care of in the right manner and at the right time. The following has a […]

How to Build a Fire-Resistant House

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Each year, California wildfires burn with increasing intensity. As more families flock to fire hazard areas at a time when survivors attempt to rebuild their damaged homes, the inevitable question is: how can I build a home that’s fire-resistant?  While fully fire-proof houses may be a thing of the distant future, a home’s fire resistance […]

Why Does the City Require a Permit for a Deck?


Are you about to add a deck to your home? You may wonder why your city requires a permit for a seemingly easy, DIY project. You may also toy with the idea of building your deck without the hassle of permitting. If either is true, read on to find out why your city is so […]

How can you increase your home space?

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Why add space to your home? Does your home feel cramped? Adding a room or extending the space of an existing room can really help create a larger, more open space. Adding something like a sunroom can augment the natural light in your home as well as bring the outdoors in. Adding square footage can […]

What Factors Go into Calculating Home Addition Costs?

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When it comes to assessing the quality of life in a home, the comfort and conveniences within the building matter the most. Who doesn’t love ample space and smarter functionalities? A cramped home places restrictions on its residents and they are forced to make compromises accordingly. What this means is that they may not be […]

5 things to consider before you build a deck or patio

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Deck additions are the most common DIY home projects, and can be the easiest one to bungle unless you know what you’re doing. Problems like skipped permits, water infiltration, unsafe guardrails, and unreliable framing materials and hardware can undermine your deck’s performance, cause serious safety issues, and lead to unnecessary frustration and unplanned expenses. Before […]

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