Frequently Asked Questions – Architecture


Q: What is the difference between an architect and engineer? A: The architect and engineer work together to build a structure but they fulfil different functions. An architect plans how the space will look and feel for the intended purpose, while an engineer provides plans to ensure structural safety and integrity of the building function […]

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Q 1: What is the Process of Building a New Custom Home? A:   Steps: My initial vision for the external design, internal design, and location Don’t forget the energy requirements of the home (interior and exterior) Think of privacy, security, and protection from natural disasters Landscaping ideas Financing and a buffer of about 15% (if […]

Frequently Asked Questions – Civil Engineering


Q: What is a topographic survey and why is it needed? A: A topographic or topographical land survey shows the height, depth, size, and location of any given parcel of land, it also shows the changes or contours in elevation throughout the parcel. A land surveyor will often include existing buildings and structures, boundary/property lines, […]

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