Case Study: Custom Home in Hayward, CA


The case study this article will address is concerning a custom home build in Hayward, California. This home has some engineering issues that concern the need for a fire apparatus turnaround on a steep slope. The house in question is part of a two-lot minor subdivision. The engineer must find a way to provide a […]

One-Stop-Shop vs. Individual Architects & Engineers for Your New Home


Homeowners, this article will provide details on the benefits and challenges you may meet depending on whether you hire an independent architect and engineer versus a one-stop-shop engineering and architectural team, like Design Everest. Building your dream home or renovating requires a variety of professionals to be involved. Let’s take a look at what type […]

Get Your Custom Home Questions Answered Right Here


Q 1: What is the Process of Building a New Custom Home? A:   Steps: My initial vision for the external design, internal design, and location Don’t forget the energy requirements of the home (interior and exterior) Think of privacy, security, and protection from natural disasters Landscaping ideas Financing and a buffer of about 15% (if […]

What questions should I ask while building my new custom home?


A common dream among many people is to build their very own custom home. If you are considering this yourself, the most advantageous first step is to get a clear picture of everything involved. To help with this, it is important to talk to everyone involved, including the bank, the jurisdiction, a realtor, contractors, and […]

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