What is a Soil Engineer?


Civil engineering is a discipline of professional engineering that focuses on the design of the built environment. As we take a deeper look into the design and civil engineering, there are various concentrations associated with this type of profession such as soils engineering. What is a soil engineer? A soil engineer specializes in analyzing the […]

What is Hydrology Engineering?


If you are constructing a new building, having the correct site preparation is crucial to the success of your project. From surveying the property and getting the permits to hiring qualified professionals and ensuring their backgrounds are impeccable, there are many factors that can determine whether or not your home will stay standing and safe […]

Everything to Know About Grading & Drainage Permit in San Jose


The City of San Jose requires a grading permit for all property improvements that alter the natural surface of the ground. These include building a new home, installing hardscaping or paving over your yard, installing an underground tank or septic system, excavating to create an inground pool, adding any type of retaining wall to your […]

3 Major Problems Caused by Stormwater Runoff


Stormwater runoff is the rainwater or melted snow rolling off of surfaces in your community, such as streets and rooftops, into storm drains, and then into the nearest river or lake. Stormwater runoff isn’t just unpleasant to look at – it can also be dangerous. When this water drains across the surface of the land […]

How to Find Out Where the Property Lines Are for Your House?

house models

As the owner of real estate property, you may know where your property begins and ends. In the United States, many owners build a fence between their properties. However, you may have wondered how the fence placement was decided in the first place. It can be a nightmare when you realize that your property was […]

5 Things To Consider When Designing A Septic System


A septic tank is a type of wastewater treatment system that is installed on-site for sewage collection. Septic refers to an anaerobic bacterial environment that breaks down or neutralizes the sewage that is released into a tank. While there are multiple types of tanks, septic tanks are expected to be used by roughly 20% of […]

Everything You Need to Know About SWQMP


What is Stormwater? How is it Important? Stormwater is a result of rainfall and ice/snowmelt. It either seeps into soil layers or remains on top of impervious surfaces such as roads or rooftops. Stormwater will finally evaporate from a flat surface, but it is more likely to flow as runoff to some other location. This […]

Do I Need a Soils Report to Legalize my Retaining Wall?

three-construction workers

Top view of a house surrounded by large trees at the far opposite corner, lined by a well maintained lawn at the front Do you have an unpermitted retaining wall on your property? Whether you have built it yourself or inherited it with the lot, legalizing your retaining wall is a good idea. A permit […]

What do I do when my house is sliding due to erosion?

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Introduction: Before we become familiar with the impact erosion, specifically soil and land erosion, has on homes and buildings, we must understand what erosion entails and how we come across the phenomenon in everyday life. Soil erosion predominantly affects homes and residential areas in the form of landslides. Homes or other structures built on top […]

What is a Soils Report and When is it Required?

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Have you been told that your construction project needs a soils report? Are you confused about the procedure? A soils report is the summary of a geotechnical investigation – an analysis of soil conditions at the site of a proposed building Depending on site conditions, a soils report may identify expansive soils, high water tables, […]

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