What You Should Know About the 5 Common Types of Residential Housing

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Are you thinking of buying or building a new home? Whether you’re after an investment property or a place to live, there are several options to explore as you approach what may be the single biggest purchase of your life. Read on to find out more about the various types of residential housing – detached […]

What are the requirements of a good building construction estimator?

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What is a building or construction cost estimator? A construction cost estimator estimates costs for everything from buildings to infrastructure by gathering and analyzing project data. They take into account everything including materials, equipment, labor, project size, and schedule of the project. Construction cost estimators work for construction and engineering firms and provide cost estimates […]

Why do you need a building engineer for your building project?

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Building engineers are structural engineers who specialize in buildings. Buildings need to be able to hold up under all types of loading, including the weight of the building, the weight of the people and other things inside the building, and natural forces such as wind, gravity, snow, and earthquakes. A building engineer will consider all […]

How do engineers keep buildings standing against various forces


All over the world, buildings have become a natural part of the landscape. Over millennia, their designs evolved from basic gravity-resisting structures to the virtually indestructible skyscrapers that make up the skylines of modern cities. Today, we can count on buildings to shelter us from various weather conditions and natural disasters. Buildings can do all […]

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