Remodeling My House: How to Choose Between Professionals or DIY?

Remodeling your home can mean a variety of things, and it requires research before creating a plan to remodel your home. One of the things that need to be researched is whether your remodel can be completed as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project or if hired professionals will be required for the job. This article will help determine which one to choose: hiring professionals or doing it yourself.

Professional Remodelers

Professional remodelers are construction contractors that specialize in remodeling projects. Remodel projects that consist of a full kitchen remodel, changing or adding a bathroom, and adding outdoor structures (i.e., pools, decks, etc.) should be done by a professional remodeling team. The reason why these types of remodeling activities should be completed by professionals is due to constraints associated with remodeling a home. Typically, the kitchen and bathrooms will need to be finished quickly due to the functionality needs of a single-family home, unless the owner will be relocating during the remodel. Also, certain construction activities require precision and expertise, so having professionals will lower the chances of construction errors.

Who to Hire for the Job

Another thing to consider when deciding to hire a professional is if they are licensed and if they have experience with the permitting process. Most remodeling projects will require permits from the local building department. Permitting construction work can be a lengthy and costly process, so ensuring the hired contractor has experience with this process is a benefit. In some cases, an experienced design team can also facilitate the permitting process.

Contractors may have discounts on building materials, so this can result in lowering the cost to remodel. When purchasing building materials with a contractor’s license it can cost less; however, the contractor and homeowner’s agreement must state that building materials are included in the scope of work and total project payout. To learn more about contractors, check out the article “Contractor Selection Guide: How to Find the Best Builder for Your Project.”

Hire a Professional to Remodel your house

DIY Home Remodel

When planning a home remodel, the budget and who will be responsible for what are the main concerns. It is valuable to consider yourself for certain activities. Remodeling on a budget can be difficult and choosing the right person to do it can cause a lot of stress. If you want to save money, completing some of the remodel as the homeowner is an option. Consider what level of commitment, handiness, and patience you have before embarking on this laborious activity. Search online for remodel ideas and grab some remodeling magazines to begin understanding what you need to do. Incorporating work done by yourself and hired professionals may lower the overall cost of the project.

Homeowners can paint the exterior and interior of their homes, change plumbing fixtures like faucets and bathtub knobs, and resurface cabinets. Completing these tasks yourself can save you some money that would have been spent on a contractor. If you are a handy homeowner, you can replace baseboards, put in electrical sockets, and even build outdoor structures like retaining walls and ground-level decks. Some of the skilled DIY activities will require a home inspection from the building department, so only try these activities if you feel confident in your work.

Local home improvement stores have reward programs for DIY property owners that can result in savings; however, contractors typically can get building materials at a lower rate if they are buying in bulk.

The Decision

Now that you are familiar with what remodeling professionals can do versus what a do-it-yourself homeowner can accomplish, who do you choose? The answer is not simple. It ultimately depends on the construction and budget. Assess how much you want to spend on this remodel and the deadline you have for completion. After assessing this you can make a decision on the changes you can do yourself and the changes that will need to be completed by a professional. If you have three months to get the project done, then hire a remodeling team. If you have a year or two and you are not in a rush, then save money by doing it yourself, but keep in mind there are some jobs that might be too difficult and will require a professional to complete them.

Once the details of the budget and project duration are ironed out, then you can begin looking for the right professionals to assist in implementing the remodel. Consider which remodeling team you want to work with and also consider their availability and expertise.  Some contractors are one-person firms, and they hire construction workers on an as-needed basis. In some instances, a smaller company would be better if the job is small and you do not want to pay too much in overhead costs. Other remodeling teams consist of a group of individuals that have worked on remodels together before. This type of group is ideal, but this will cost more.

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