Newsletter – Feasibility Study Services

Understanding the Concept:

Let’s review a project to understand the Feasibility Study Services

Project: New Custom Home with Detached ADU | Location – Livermore, CA

The initial query for Feasibility Study

  • Adding a new single-family residence
  • Legalize an existing residence as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)

Current Stage:

  • We have completed the Architectural permit set, Structural and Civil Engineering for the new house
  • We are currently working on the ADU

We looked at the zoning, setback requirements, and other city requirements to helped the family to make a decision on the following:

  • Max allowable size of the ADU
  • location of the ADU and their new home
  • Services required for the complete project
  • Highlighting the submittal process

Why is a Feasibility Study required?

  • A feasibility study determines what is physically possible to be built on the site, considering applicable regulations. This is recommended at the start of your project to understand the feasibility and range of options available to achieve your goals.
  • We will start with an in-depth (due diligence) research of the rules and regulations that apply to your property or building. This includes zoning regulations, building codes, and any site-specific requirements such as historic or other special district designations, design reviews, environmental concerns, etc.

What is included in a feasibility study?

  • Setbacks
  • Height limitations
  • Landscape areas
  • Amenities
  • Driveways
  • Parking layout and count
  • Open space requirements

The Process

  • Once you sign up with us, a dedicated Project Manager will connect with you to take your Feasibility Study forward
  • An initial video consultation with an Architect is planned
  • The architect studies the building codes and applicable laws to understand the feasibility of the project.
  • The architect also works with the city/county to discuss the options
  • A feasibility study report is prepared. The architect will discuss the findings and propose feasible solutions
  • A video consultation is organized to discuss the report and answer your questions. The recording of this video is shared with you.

How does Feasibility Study benefit your project?

  • Options – Every project has unique technical requirements and limitations. The feasibility report lays down the options that may be possible for you, given those technical requirements and limitations, and provide a guide to the timeline for the project.
  • Service Layout – A feasibility study will help you understand all the services required to receive the approvals for your project.
  • Ensure Success – We work with the City/County by checking the feasibility of the options.
  • Customized – You will get an exclusive Design Everest feasibility study and report by an architect, tailor-made for your project.

Where is a Feasibility Study required?

  • For building an ADU, JADU, a custom home, do a remodel/addition or any new residential or commercial construction.
  • If you want to understand how to maximize your investment, this service will be especially valuable for you.

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