May Newsletter: Civil Engineering

We hope that everyone is healthy and taking measures to stay safe. Design Everest comes to you with a newsletter on Civil Engineering that discusses when you might need civil engineering services for your residential or commercial project.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering services are the starting point of a project before the structure is designed. Civil Engineering entails the preparation of the land on which the property is being built. This is different from Structural Engineering which entails the design of the actual building itself.

Some of the Civil Engineering services for residential/commercial projects are-

  1. Drainage and Sewer Plan
  2. Septic Tank Design
  3. Stormwater Design
  4. Hydrology Studies
  5. Erosion Control
  6. Retaining Wall
  7. Subdivision of Land
  8. Site Grading plan and Earthwork Estimates

Here are some articles to get a better understanding of civil engineering for your project

  1. Civil Engineering – What Does It Cover?
  2. What are a resident engineer’s duties and responsibilities?
  3. When to hire a Civil Engineer over a Structural engineer?
  4. How to read a grading plan?

Even in this pandemic, Design Everest can provide CIvil engineering services for your project in just 4 simple steps –

  1. Schedule a Teleconstruction Appointment with us. Teleconstruction is our latest initiative that allows us to deliver virtual consultations to our clients virtually and safely.
  2. Discuss your Civil Engineering requirement with us. If possible, share any related documents you might have with you.
  3. Based on the information, we will send you a quotation and timeline for the project.
  4. Once we finalize the agreement with you, we can start working on your project right away!

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To learn more about our other various completed projects click here.

Select Civil Engineering Projects

Location- Los Gatos, California

Highlights – Click here to view more images of the project

  • New 7,900 sq. ft. home including a 1,800 sq.ft. garage with 4 beds and 6 baths
  • Delivered Civil Engineering Services – Grading & Drainage Plans, Erosion  Sediment Control Plan, and Stormwater Control Plan
  • We also delivered Architecture and Energy Permit Calculations for this project.

Location – Santa Rosa, California

Highlights – Click here to view more images of the project

  • Delivered Civil Engineering services – Grading plan and erosion control plan for a new 2,400 sq.ft. custom house with 3 beds and 2 baths after wildfire damage
  • Also delivered Architecture, Structural engineering, and Title 24 calculations

Location – Sunnyvale, California

Highlights – Click here to view more images of the project

  • New ground-up 5 story Holiday Inn hotel project
  • Delivered Off-site Civil improvement plans- improvement of the sidewalk, driveway entrances, ADA ramps, curb, gutter and storm drain plan
  • We also delivered structural engineering for this project.

Book My Teleconstruction Appointment for Civil Engineering Now!

About Design Everest Engineering

Design Everest is a pre-construction permit sets provider, highly experienced in all types of Residential and Commercial architecture and engineering services. We have experience in working on 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete architecture and engineering services required for residential and commercial ground-up construction, addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, and residential and commercial seismic retrofit projects.

We provide the following services:

Construction Administration Support at the time of Construction

If you are constructing a new building, having the correct site preparation is crucial to the success of your project. From surveying the property and
The City of San Jose requires a grading permit for all property improvements that alter the natural surface of the ground. These include building a new
Stormwater runoff is the rainwater or melted snow rolling off of surfaces in your community, such as streets and rooftops, into storm drains, and then
As the owner of real estate property, you may know where your property begins and ends. In the United States, many owners build a fence between their


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