July Newsletter – Home Remodeling

We hope that you are well and safe. We are here with our newsletter on Home Remodeling.

Why should you take up a remodeling project now?

Your home is a safe haven, especially during these times. Remodeling gives a fresh look to your interiors. You can remove a load-bearing wall or partition walls to open up space in your home or utilize your unused space to add a bedroom and kitchen to keep your loved ones together. This could be the best time to get started on your remodel. Remodeling can help you with the following objectives:

  • Carving out a Home Office in your current home to help you work from home
  • Providing an isolated place for at-risk people along with a separate bathroom
  • Opening up your kitchen. Making it an open-concept with no walls separating your kitchen from the living room
  • Bathroom remodel

How can we help you get started with your remodeling project?

  • Teleconstruction: Take the help of our innovation to schedule a virtual consultation with our team member from the safety of your home.
  • Discuss your project ideas with them. If possible, share any related documents you might have with you.
  • Get answers to your questions related to permits, regulations, scope, design, end-to-end process, ROI, and others.
  • Based on the information, we will send you a quotation and timeline for the project.
  • Once we finalize the agreement with you, we can start working on your project right away!

Here are some articles to help you deepen your understanding 

Select Remodel Projects

To learn more about our completed projects click here.

Location – San Jose, CA

  • Remodel of the existing first and second floor of the house
  • Adding an office space and a bedroom on the second floor and changing the orientation of the staircase inside the house
  • Delivered structural engineering for the remodel

Location – Belmont, CA

  • Addition of a bathroom and kitchenette in the existing basement
  • Remodeling the 2nd floor to remove partition walls to make an open-concept kitchen
  • Delivered architecture and structural engineering of the remodeling

Location – Richmond, CA

  • Remodel of the basement to remove the illegal bathroom from the previous owner and condition the whole space by adding a new Master Suite
  • Remodel of the main floor to change the orientation of the kitchen to utilize the whole space better
  • Delivered architecture and structural engineering for the remodeling

About Design Everest Engineering

Design Everest is a pre-construction management service provider, highly experienced in all types of residential and commercial engineering and design services. We have completed 4500+ projects since 2005. We are a One-Stop-Shop for complete Design and Engineering services required for addition, remodeling, ADU, commercial tenant improvement, residential and commercial seismic retrofits, and residential and commercial ground-up construction projects.

We provide the following services:

Customer Success Story

Homes may not necessarily have an expiry date, but they often need a face, structure, and ambiance turnaround as time passes. It often happens that you
If you’re planning to remodel your basement, you may be wondering whether you need a permit and how you can go about getting one. It’s a valid question
If you’re planning to start any sort of remodeling project, then the question of whether or not to hire an engineer will arise at some point during the
 “Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle and one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's


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