How Useful is a Structural Engineer for Residential Construction?

A structural engineer is a licensed engineering professional who performs evaluation and design services for structures. As a specialist in the foundation, roofing, and all things pertaining to building structures, a structural engineer can provide an array of services to a homeowner. Structural engineers have extensive training for dealing with load-bearing structural supports and can provide great knowledge when it comes to building and designing.

Designing A Residential Structure

When it comes to designing a home or constructing additions to a property, engineers must design structural systems within the regulations defined in California’s building code. Evaluating the best structural design for a building is a significant task, and hiring a specialist to create a structural design will ensure a sturdy and economically optimal design that will not cause you troubles later on.


Before constructing additions, or altering the layout of a home, an engineer will be able to review the designs to make sure that construction of the new addition will satisfy all building codes. Hiring a structural engineer will ensure that any new construction will not affect the integrity of the original structure.

Changing the layout of a home can significantly alter the integrity of the structure as well. Serious damage can be caused simply by removing a wall if the wall is load-bearing. A structural engineer can identify which walls bear a house’s weight, and which are safe to remove. A structural engineer can also determine how many renovations or alterations would affect the integrity of the home’s structure.

Repairing Structural Damages

If repairing damage to a property’s structure or foundation, it would be a safe bet to call a structural engineer before hiring a contractor to fix the repairs. A structural engineer will be able to identify and analyze the problem and will provide recommendations for how to properly repair the damage.

Structural engineers are able to provide an extensive list of services when it comes to residential design, inspection, and construction. Whether constructing additions, altering the layout of your property, or fixing structural damages, hiring a structural engineer to review your house and plans before construction will allow you to feel confident in the integrity of your home.

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