How to Start with a Home Remodel?

The process of remodeling your home can be a stressful thought. However, there are some basic steps that you can begin in order to start the remodeling process. First, you have to have a home remodeling idea, such as which spaces you want to transform and an estimate of how much you want to spend. Also, you may want to physically write down the concepts for the remodel, so purchasing a home remodeling planner either online, or the booklet can help. This article aims to expand on how to start a home remodel.

Renovating a House

Renovations typically occur over time as a need arises, so it is important to remember that when planning out the details. Here is a renovating a house checklist that will organize the steps:

  • List the needs versus the wants for the renovation
  • Define the construction activities that can be do-it-yourself (DIY) and the ones that will need a hired professional.
  • Determine the budget based on how much you are willing to spend or finance.
  • Reach out to professionals and request cost estimates for the project. Be sure to clearly define the scope of work and make no assumptions on what is included.
  • Price desired materials on a range of lowest to highest. Add 10% to the estimated costs and ensure that everything is still within your budget.
  • Prepare a risk analysis, also known as a list of potential issues that can occur during the renovation. Include steps for possible mitigation or how to handle the problem. Experienced contractors have seen it all so don’t be shy to ask this question when discussing the project.
  • Plan to complete any structural changes to the building first.
  • Create a plan for the waste removal process. This means familiarizing yourself with any permits needed to demolish the space, nearby landfills, and the cost of dumping.
  • Plan the packing for a home renovation. Strategize which spaces to renovate first based on needs if the space is your main residential dwelling.

The Budget

One of the most difficult parts of a remodel project is determining how much renovating a house will cost. The budget will need to include permit cost, cost of materials, and labor costs. Also, the cost of finishes and any decorative items should be accounted for in the budget. When budgeting, refer to the renovating a house checklist to help prioritize expenses. The checklist has the needs and wants listed, so if the budget ends up appearing to be too expensive, eliminate some of the wants. Factor in the cost estimates from professionals for the budget as well by getting multiple estimates for the same tasks. This will help with determining which professionals you will end up hiring. The desired materials list that has items based on lowest to highest option will also help in weeding out materials that are too expensive. Consult the professionals for the building material costs to help understand which items can be of lower quality and which ones cannot.

Hiring Professionals

This portion of the article will cover how to hire for home renovation. Hiring the right professionals can be difficult, especially if this is your first time planning a home remodel. There are a few major things to look into listed below:

  • Research the contractor’s work history and years of experience. Like any job interview, it is important to understand the contractor’s previous jobs and how well they performed.
    • Check references for hired professionals, especially contractors, to ensure their last job didn’t end in a lawsuit, unfinished job, or way over budget.
  • Make sure the contractor, plumber, and electrician are licensed. Licensed contractors will have a team of certified construction workers that are trained based on the health and safety regulations. This is important to make sure the liability does not end up on you in case of a problem. Refer to the risk analysis you did in renovating a house checklist, and identify liability risks.
    • The contractor you work with should have workers’ compensation and liability insurance, so check they are up-to-date on their insurance certificates.
  • Do not pay full price upfront to your contractor for work. This is not advised, and most contractors will not even require this. Get the proper estimates before onboarding a contractor, and give yourself enough time to create a payment schedule.

For additional information on what professionals to hire for a home-build project, check out the article Which Professionals Do I Need to Hire to Build a House?

Ready to Renovate!

The final step in the checklist mentions packing up and getting ready to renovate, which is not an easy task. This requires scheduling the duration of each construction activity and moving through the different layout spaces of the property so it stays habitable during most of the construction. There will be a difference between minor projects and full home remodels. Full renovation projects may require you to move out for a period of time. The structure needs to be stable, so any changes to the structure like exterior walls being taken out or added, raising the ceilings, or adding a story will need to be worked out in the first milestone of the project. The other tasks rely on the structure being in place to sustain the building. A structural engineer will need to provide calculations and an approved plan for this portion of the project. Also, the availability of a kitchen and bathroom should be prioritized in the prepared schedule. Determine if a temporary kitchen needs to be used when renovating the kitchen.

For mid to large-size remodel projects, getting a project manager and team can be helpful. Project managers will assist in creating a schedule, budgeting the project, getting materials onsite, and managing all the contractors on the remodel. Design Everest has a team of skilled professionals who can schedule the construction activities and draft the renovation plans. Also, any structural changes can be worked on with an engineer. This is the benefit of hiring a one-stop-shop firm. Contact us to get a free quote and consultation today.

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