How to go-ahead with your construction project despite the Coronavirus restrictions

Do you plan to work on your construction project this summer? Are you confused about what can be done now on your project with Coronavirus restrictions?

Don’t worry. We are in this together! We will make the best use of this time.

Current situation – Impact of Covid-19 and government guidelines

Coronavirus has already impacted the global economy. Responding to Coronavirus, the government has shared guidelines regarding the essential services and essential workforce that will continue to be operational in this crisis.  For most counties, the essential workforce includes construction workers who support the construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of construction sites and construction projects (including housing construction). This means that we can get our project work going on partially despite coronavirus restrictions. In this time of uncertainty, there are some things which are in our control. Let’s do the best we can and prepare for a better future.

Why now?

Now is the time to work on the following things if you want to be ready for the future  and if you are keen to build an ADU, custom home, addition, remodeling and a variety of other projects.

The biggest reason to start working on it now is that you will get a head start on your project by finishing the part of work that is doable now, and you can resume construction as soon as GCs are able to start building.

We also need to think about what could go wrong if you don’t work on these things now. It is highly probable that lockdown will result in scarcity of resources post COVID-19 as people will want to work on their projects.

One more way to think about it is what can you do now that will help us be better prepared for the future. You can get done with pre-construction steps including arch, engineering and title 24 energy permit calculations, and be ready with our permit set.

Let me walk you through what all can be done now and how you can do it.

What can you do now to build a better future?

Online architecture and engineering

A lot of work in construction services can be done online remotely and it includes online architectural, design and engineering work. It can be done for a variety of projects including ADUs, custom homes, addition or remodeling, and many more. Design Everest (DE) is California’s leading online Architecture and Engineering firm and you can leverage DE’s expertise with technology and its remote working digital culture to get your construction projects done in the most effective and cost efficient way.

Design Everest has launched a Teleconstruction feature which enables our architects, designers and engineers to virtually guide your projects through our Teleconstruction tool to make the process more effective. Teleconstruction includes virtual onsites, virtual construction and virtual observations/ inspections.

Electronic permit submittal

Many cities in California have started accepting permittals electronically and some of them are accepting permittals exclusively for essential structures.. Some of them are:

City of Carmel, Cupertino, Sanramon, Sacramento, Oceanside, Palo Alto, Santa Monica, LA, Sandiego, Laguna Hills, Carson, Oakland. Design Everest is here to help you with these submittals.

Let’s take this time to get ahead of the curve and build a better future. Contact us now and we will provide you a FREE Consultation with a quote. We also provide virtual on-sites and virtual consultations.

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