How to Find Out Where the Property Lines Are for Your House?

As the owner of real estate property, you may know where your property begins and ends. In the United States, many owners build a fence between their properties. However, you may have wondered how the fence placement was decided in the first place. It can be a nightmare when you realize that your property was built on the wrong land. To get a clear understanding of the property you own, learn more about property lines in this article.

What is a Property Line?

Property lines, also known as boundary lines, are the legal boundaries of your property. They provide a clear indication of who the owner is, and which pieces of land belong to them. These boundaries can either be very obvious or completely invisible. Prominent markings can be roads, fences, or even ditches. However, even with the prominent marking, the legal boundary may still not be intuitive (the road’s centerline, or to one side).

How to Find Property Lines

Property lines and knowing how to find them are beneficial in knowing what exactly you are getting before even buying a house. Knowing where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins can prevent legal disputes with them, making you a friendly neighbor.

Though identifying property lines may seem complicated, there are ways by which you can measure your property lines. Several of these ways are listed below:

Check Your Deed to Know Your Boundary Line

One way to know your property lines is by getting the property deed available through your local assessor or planning office. This legal document of your property may include detailed information regarding the boundaries of your land.

If the current deed does not have information related to your property lines, you may refer to an older one as mentioned in the deed. However, there are chances that the older deed may also include details of areas or boundaries that may not even exist today.

Review the Property Line Map or ‘Plat’

Many local county recorders allow access to property lines over the internet. Here, you can also ask for maps to view your area or street. A plat map is of a town or an entire area that shows the boundaries or location of individual properties. Each property is marked with an identifying number. These parcel numbers are allotted when lots are prepared for individual sale. Ideally, the parcel number should be mentioned in your deed.

Search for Your Property Survey

A property survey is the confirmation of a property’s legal boundaries. You may even use a measuring tape and match the measurement with that mentioned in the corresponding deed.  In most cases, the property survey is handed over to you when you buy your home.

Hire a Land Surveyor

You can also get help from a professional land surveyor to find out where your property starts and ends. The surveyor will measure and map the property lines for you. With the use of a plat map or legal description, the surveyor will carefully mark the boundaries of your property. If the parcel had already been created, there are chances that the property pins are already in place.

Almost all civil engineers start their project with a survey as it helps determine legal boundaries between parcels of property. Most people seem to think a land surveyor for their property isn’t necessary if they hire a civil engineer. But, help from both of them is essential for the development of your property.

What Is the Importance of Property Lines?

Property lines are essential as they remove any gray areas related to ownership of the property. These boundary lines will also provide your mortgage lender or insurance company information regarding your property. Thus, if you plan to take a mortgage on your house and settle a loan agreement, there is no ambiguity regarding the value of your property or ownership.


So, if you and your neighbor are facing issues related to the location of your property lines, immediately hire a land surveyor. As the owner of your house, property lines will tell you what you are responsible for. It is always good to know your boundaries to maintain the value of your property and avoid any kind of disputes with your neighbor.

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