How to Build an Addition Over Garage for Your Home?

Expanding the area above your garage space into a workspace, living, or bedroom has gained popularity among homeowners in recent times. It is the ideal option when it comes to adding additional space to your home. The benefits to addition over a garage are plenty. It is cost-effective, doesn’t increase the building footprint, and improves the aesthetics. But, before you start with the second story addition over the garage, it is essential to figure out how to make the most of the available space. Various possibilities depend on your lifestyle and family’s needs.

Here are a few tips to help you build an addition over a garage:

1. Envision how your garage design ideas would appear from outside

Additions over a garage can redefine the overall look of your home, more so because they are significantly large and usually face the street. Start with visualizing it from outside and move inwards, making your way towards the structure. Ensure that your house doesn’t appear too bulky. The addition should seamlessly merge with the exterior. Finding the exact materials to match the old structures can be challenging. You can, however, make certain features such as windows, roofs, façade details and redo them as per the existing style.

2. Inspect the structure before you start, above garage addition plans

Before starting with the above garage addition plans, check with the city regulations if they have any height restrictions on adding a second story to a detached garage. An engineer can help you verify the garage’s existing framework and foundation and confirm if it can withstand the additional load.

3. Build an addition over a garage after checking safety regulations.

Safety regulations should be taken into consideration right from the planning stage. During an addition over the garage, there is a need for 5/8” thick fire-rated drywall on the ceiling and the walls of the base floor. The shared wall between the garage and the house must also have this. The framing should not be exposed to avoid damage. The opening in the drywall for electrical conduit pipes must be sealed.

4. Check plumbing and utilities to save on addition over garage cost.

In the case of adding a bedroom over the garage, you may need to add a new bathroom too. Here is when you will need to extend your pipes and drains. This can be challenging if your wastewater drain is located far from the additional space and will add to your renovation cost. The pipes will need to stay in heated areas and cannot go in the exterior walls.

Your contractor can help you plan this better. He can also help you plan the electrical layout if you need additional wiring for lighting and electronics. For this reason, you must identify all the requirements of the extra space from the very beginning.

5. Consider the available space and access before you build an addition over the garage.

It is crucial to be mindful of the existing space and framework before planning the addition. Try not to have impossible plans that will be difficult to execute. If you have a single car garage, fitting in two bedrooms above that garage will create cramped-up areas and should be avoided. In the case of two-car garages, you would have enough space for a bedroom with a bathroom and closet.

Access to the newly added room is another essential feature that needs to be thought upon – whether you want to have internal access or do you want to have a separate staircase from the outside for your addition over the garage.

6. Get an estimate of addition over garage cost.

Addition over a garage may seem like a cost-effective approach. But if you need to make structural changes to your existing house to accommodate the expansion, your cost will automatically shoot up. The construction cost is calculated per square foot, regardless of whether it is a build-up or build-out. Cost can depend on what measures are being taken up by the contractor. It is, therefore, necessary for you to discuss these points in detail with your contractor to avoid any last-minute surprises.

7. Consider the challenges while building an addition over a garage.

While turning your dreams into reality, be open to communicating your ideas with the contractor and accepting changes. Remember, your contractor is qualified to suggest better garage design ideas and also whatever else you need to know before converting a garage. He can customize a design that works best with the given condition. On inspecting the structure, you and your contractor may identify design restrictions. This could be due to plumbing issues, access, the existing floor, and wall conditions. You may not get the same result as expected initially, and there may be additional repair costs as well.

So, to handle all these challenges, it’s best to consult a team of experts and be flexible with your ideas. Try not to get too involved with the idea of the additional space without enough research.

These factors should help you get started with your above garage addition plans. To streamline the entire process, hire experts right from the beginning. They will understand your needs and give you clarity about what’s possible in the given area. They will consider the existing layout, set a reasonable budget, and design the area, making sure it blends with the existing structure.

Design Everest has you covered if you’re looking to build an addition over a garage for your home. We provide a FREE Consultation. Feel free to contact us. You can also avail the option of virtual on-sites and virtual consultations with us. Contact us right away. We promise to deliver you the best services.

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