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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are fondly called in-law units, secondary units, granny flats, backyard cottages, etc. Whatever you call them, ADUs have
According to a report by US News, San Jose is among the top 50 places to live in the USA in 2021-22. The city was also ranked the ‘Best Small Business
Commonly known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), a granny flat is an additional space in your house that can be used as a small apartment. Granny
According to state laws, the screaming high housing shortage in California is increasingly getting people to build attached or detached units to their
As a homeowner or a person interested in building their new home in California, you may be unaware of how much effort needs to go into the permitting
Understanding the Concept: Let's review a project to understand the Feasibility Study Services Project: New Custom Home with Detached ADU | Location -
There are so many things that can occur to a home over time. Although homes are built to last, wear and tear can eventually occur. One of these issues
Modern townhouse/s are designed to mimic a detached single-family home in a multi-unit setup in an urban environment. Generally, they are constructed
The foundation starts settling Your home improvement project will frequently involve a structural design component. This could range anywhere from a
If you’ve ever laid eyes on a site grading plan and felt confused by the convolution of lines, arrows, and numbers, you’re probably not alone. These

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