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Not sure if your home needs a structural inspection or a home inspection? Though similar in nature, these two types of inspections serve two distinct
Are you thinking about requesting a structural engineering report? Whether it’s for your own home or one you’re about to purchase, a structural engineer’s
Retaining walls are used in landscaping to reduce soil erosion, create terraces on steep slopes, and many other reasons. Typically, these walls are used
A retaining wall is a concrete structure that holds soil at two different heights (made by cutting and filling) while resisting lateral earth pressure
Afraid that your retaining wall will collapse? We have got you covered! After the massive expense of building and furnishing your home, the last thing
A superstructure is the part of the building above the ground floor and does not include the foundation or the plinth level. A superstructure in
Are you Renovating? Have you hired a residential structural engineer yet? The integrated structural systems of your home plays a pivotal role in its
Even the most well-maintained houses are susceptible to damage over time, and ceiling cracks are one of the most common ones. The good news is, not all
Who is a structural engineer?   While making any concrete structure in California—be it a residential apartment or a commercial building—you will need
When it comes to scenic vistas, California is a place like no other. The dramatic terrain and the endless Pacific merge to produce stunning scenery, and

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