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It is almost a life-long dream for most to own their own house and adorn it with their personal touch to call it home. While the rosy picture is nice
Determining what part of the construction cost is due to the architectural aspects and which is due to the engineering elements such as the structural
Quality, time, and cost are the 3 tenets of construction planning. Yet, the latter typically wields the most influence over a project throughout all its
If you are planning to work on a residential project, you may be wondering if you should choose to work with an architect or an unlicensed professional
We hope that you are all staying safe. Today, we bring to you a couple of projects we have worked on for our clients this year. We wanted to show you
We are here today with our newsletter on Junior ADU (JADU). One of the most important ADU rule changes for 2020 is a provision from California state
California has been facing a housing crisis for decades and the situation doesn’t look any better in the near future. The housing shortage can largely
Do you plan to work on your construction project this summer? Are you confused about what can be done now on your project with Coronavirus restrictions?
Home Offices have become a necessity or an expectation due to the current situation of quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent
Introduction  Revit is a powerful tool that is very familiar to those of us who work in the AEC industry. It serves as a bridge between the architect,

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