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Choosing to build your dream house from the ground up is an excellent decision. It will allow you to build a design and specs that are tailored to your
The aspiration of building a custom home is nothing new. Most people want to own a home that meets their specific needs and aesthetics at some time in
As the sentiments towards owning a home have shifted in recent years, with an increasing number of people trying to create dedicated spaces to live in
The case study this article will address is concerning a custom home build in Hayward, California. This home has some engineering issues that concern
You just purchased a plot of land, and this plot of land will be the site for your new home. As a homeowner, you are probably thinking about the memories
Homeowners, this article will provide details on the benefits and challenges you may meet depending on whether you hire an independent architect and
It appears that California’s wildfires aren't about to slow down their assault anytime soon. Indeed, thanks to climate change, the state’s annual burned
We hope that you all are doing well and staying safe. This February, we are here with our Newsletter on New Custom Homes to help you get started on your
Q 1: What is the Process of Building a New Custom Home? A:   Steps: My initial vision for the external design, internal design, and location Don’t forget
California has been facing a housing crisis for decades and the situation doesn’t look any better in the near future. The housing shortage can largely

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