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Building permits play a vital role in ensuring the safety, compliance, and quality of construction projects in California. At Design Everest, we understand
California’s affordable housing crisis has worsened in recent years, most notably in high-priced coastal cities. Recently, there has been buzz about SB
If you are planning to build your own house in California, there are some construction laws you need to be aware. The state of California has its own
As a homeowner or a person interested in building their new home in California, you may be unaware of how much effort needs to go into the permitting
California, the most populated state in the US, has new laws in place intended to improve its housing crisis. On September 16, Governor Gavin Newsom
Solar panels have become a huge part of energy use innovation, especially since global warming and energy deficiencies have become mainstream. There are
In California, opportunity comes knocking to a select few individuals where they boast of finding a plot of land (if there is anything left) or demolishing
We hope that you are all staying safe and social distancing. Today, we bring you our newsletter on Feasibility Study.  What is a Feasibility Study?  A
California’s City governments/municipalities and their departments are required to plan and navigate an increasing number of construction or renovation
Population explosion and urbanization are pressurizing cities and adding to the woes of the existing residents. The shortage of living space adversely

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