Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Space to Your Home in 2022

 “Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle and one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.”

—Albert Hadley

Albert Hadley was right when he said that our living space should nourish our well-being. Your home is a reflection of who you are, an extension of your identity. A cluttered, disorganized room not just looks untidy, but it also affects you, mentally and spiritually. Not just that, sometimes, additional space may be necessary, especially when you’re starting a family or making space to run a home office.

But, how can you beautify and extend that space when the cost of home improvement and renovations can quickly run into thousands of dollars? Here are a few proven ways to add to the house and redecorate to create a more accurate representation of who you are.

1. Enclose a Patio

While this will be a lot of work, it does give you ample opportunity to add a completely new vibe to the house. Make sure to do it correctly, and you can add square footage to the house and have a nice little area for weekend barbecues or spend a lazy rainy afternoon with some hot cocoa.

2. Wrap up a Deck

Wrapping up a deck has practical benefits as it keeps the rain, snow, and even animals away, but trust us, it can be a lot more than that. Wrapping up a deck with some added heating and sprucing up with a small table and a few chairs or a few bean bags are thrown in will give the deck a new feel altogether.

3. Build a Bump Out

The bump-out gives the house a substantial space advantage. It is usually done with the bathroom, but you can also do that in the garage or the kitchen. However, it needs diligent planning and execution, but the efforts are worth it. Think of the bigger bathtub or an added luxurious sink that you can install there, or give your bathroom its corner where you keep scented candles for those long self-pampering hot showers.

4. Add Another Story

Before you jump to ‘Hey, isn’t this supposed to be a budget-friendly list?’ Consider this, what’s a better way to add on to the house than by actually adding another floor? It may be costlier than the other suggestions, but there are still ways to cut costs. Plus, a whole new story doubles your space. You can add another living room, put a series of rooms, or build a massive master bedroom. However, note that you may have to involve a seasoned professional for guidance.

5. Add a Dormer

Want to beautify your house and add extra space? Adding a dormer enhances the house’s appearance. In addition, it brings the perfect opportunity to expand congested attics for enough space to create a small playroom or a reading room that you can escape to for some well-deserved “me-time.”

And while we are on the topic of the attic, some houses have unfinished attics that can be worked on to make a beautiful room. If your attic is unfinished, spending some effort, time, and money to renovate and design it could leave you with a completely new room!

6. Calculated Kitchen Addition

From a quick remodeling to bumping out a part of the kitchen, there’s so much to do with your kitchen space to add on to the house. You can even create extra patio space or a small in-kitchen sitting arrangement with a few chairs and a table.

7. Remodel the Garage

The garage is usually a forgotten dingy corner of the house that not many people pay attention to. You can either build over the garage to store extra equipment or use this house addition to make a recreation room or a cozy little guest space. However, you must also be mindful of the building codes before starting construction to comply with all the legalities.

8. Finish the Basement

The basement, much like the attic, is a neglected part of the house that often doubles up as a storage area. However, it can become your favorite part of the house if you can get to remodeling it, adding a bit of design element, and maybe even a nice television set or a few gaming systems. And finishing takes much less time, and effort than actual construction as the skeletal structure is already in place.

9. Build a Sunroom

A sunroom not just instantly adds a luxurious touch to the house, it’s also much cheaper to construct compared to converting the attic or finishing the basement. In addition, since the sunroom typically has walls made of windows, it’s easier on the pocket, allows enough sunlight to seep in on cold wintery mornings, and gives you the chance to have an extra leisure room or, even, a cozy and bright master bedroom. Add a burst of color with plastic flowers, paintings, or posters, and you’ll have a fantastic well-lit room ready in weeks!

10. Rebrand the Storage Area

Sure, a big old storage room is perfect for shoving non-essential items away, but did you ever think of the alternative it can turn into? Maybe it can turn into a walk-in closet or a small workstation, or, if space permits, perhaps a whole new bedroom? Re-thinking the storage space might not add additional square footage to the house but will surely give you more space to do what you please with it. And, if you’re worried about all the extra items to store, here’s a quick tip, how about getting big drawers installed under beds and futons? That way, you can tuck the excess items away and have the storage room at your disposal.

Here’s How We Can Help

When you’re on a mission to find ways to add on to the house, it can soon burn a hole in your pocket. But explore all the budget-friendly options listed above first. You may not be aware of the exact building codes or the actual cost, given that contractors’ inflation can be at play. Design Everest can make it easier for you to give your home a makeover and add extra space without breaking the bank, so you can remodel your house into your dream home and also increase its resale value. Contact us today for a FREE quote and consultation.

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